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Michael Wright
Thirst for Fire
After seceding from the Federation the Bijan were quickly conquered by the Dominion. Captain Arkcana and the crew of the Protostar and Thunderchild struggle to protect the border from the growing threat. Meanwhile, a strange vessel has breached the Grahalla wormhole and brought through a secret from the past that could lead to galactic devastation... Part 1 in the Thirst for Fire mini-series.
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Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
Desire And Sacrifice
As the Vedala urge Starfleet toward a final conflict with the G'voda, Jack McCall searches for a way to avoid the battle he fears will bring destruction upon them all.
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Epiphany Trek
To the Victor
Captain Nelson and The Grant are sent into the teeth of the war. Denial on the home front and the lengthening casualty list make for a difficult mission. Can they maintain morale and return the victors?
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Galen Holcomb
Pre Emptive Maneuvers Part 2
Captain Hiroko must place her ship and crew in grave danger to bring Aubrey to justice-----but the price may be higher than she bargained for. On the Dominion controlled planet Archer IV, a terrible chain of events is set into motion….
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The Deterioration
The ship Phoenix-X begins to malfunction, and the crew are surprised to find out that it is due to a lack of refits.
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Pax Romana - Part 2
The Romans of 492 IV venturing into space and raiding nearby Federation shipping. The SID team is sent in to investigate and uncover aliens interefering with the Roman's natural development. With half the team captured by the Romans, the other half seeks help and finds it in the form of the Iotians.
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Andreas Bodensohn
USS Valkyrie
To Catch a Thief
The mission: Diplomacy and information gathering. The opposition: A few pirates and a small independent colony. The catch: A major trade agreement at stake and a planet deadlocked in centuries of rigid tradition.
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Garry Stahl
Epiphany Trek
The Duel
A Tale of High Crystal Station. Chief Constable Terkos faces off with a criminal nuisance in a high stakes battle of wits that neither may win.
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Pax Romana - Part 3
Part 3 of 5 - Macen and a small landing party see Roma first hand, while Riker tries to keep the Eclipse from tearing itself apart.
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The Final Frontier
Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
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