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Full Speed Ahead (FSA)
Historian's Note: The first season of Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead occurs within the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, between
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Michael GarciaStar Trek fan fiction http://www.stfsa.net/fiction/star-trek-full-speed-ahead/
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 43322: Following the incident with the convoy to Deep Space Four, Farragut is assigned to her intended mission: Border Patrol. However, Leone's new task force commander is displeased at having a captain of ill repute serving under him. To take her to task for her recent escapades, he assigns Farragut to a long-term mission with Starfleet Public Affairs Office, transporting a tour of civilian entertainers to starbases within proximity to Cardassian space.
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 38896.89: The Excelsior-class starship USS Potemkin is en route to the Turkana star system; diverted from their previous mission by the distress call of a civilian freighter. Upon arrival, they find that the freighter has already been picked apart and its crew killed. Flittering around their apparent kill are a group of aged former Federation-designed fighters, relics left over from a war fought over a hundred and fifty years ago. Executive Officer Krystine Leone and Operations Officer Ariel Elannis must assist their commanding officer, T'Cirya, in determining who attacked the freighter and why?
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 43242: With the destruction of the freighter Shoeless Joe, Captian Leone orders the halt of the convoy begun in
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 43239.47: Following the return of the Farragut from deep within the Beta Quadrant, Starfleet Command assigns an investigator from the Inspector General's office to determine whether charges should be brought against Captain Leone for her actions during that time. Due to the investigation, Rear Admiral T'Cirya pulls the ship from border duty as it was originally intended. Meanwhile, the missing members of the crew board Farragut from Starbase 310, including Commander Jesse Kincaid, the new executive officer.
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 43232.5: (continued from Part II) With the Farragut en route to the Tristnor facility, Captain Leone and her crew, along with the Kasui batallion aboard, meet heavy resistance in their attempt to steal the Alpha device and make it possible for them to return to Federation space. A fierce battle ensues and the know-how of the skeleton crew works to gain the upper hand in the struggle! Meanwhile, Wilson tries to come to terms with the knowledge that their return to the Federation means he must say goodbye to his friends aboard ship, and Greg weathers pressure from the captain to seek the promotion he's been avoiding for the past four years.
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Michael Garcia

Stardate 43224.75: (Continued from the previous episode) Newly-promoted Captain Krystine Leone and the partially-assembled crew of the starship USS Farragut are vaulted across the galaxy into the space of a previously unknown force, the Tristnor Hegemony. Upon arrival, they're immediately ordered to forfeit their starship and become property of the Hegemony without condition or guarantee of their safety. Will Farragut ever return to Federation space? Will the Hegemony prove to be a formidable enemy? And who are the pair of intruders that brought them there in the first place? (This story will be concluded in Part III)
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Michael Garcia

Newly-promoted Captain Krystine Leone is appointed to command the recently-refitted Nebula-class starship USS Farragut, after only fifteen years of excellent service to Starfleet. Her arrival at the Antares Ship Yards is met by friends she's made throughout her career, and of course, she is excited by the prospect of her first command. While she enjoys the festivities of assuming command, two strangers work feverishly within the ship's navigational deflector room toward some unknown purpose. As they ready the ship for warp speed trials, the ship finds itself going on a journey deep into the final frontier!
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