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The Next Generation (TNG)
Set in the 24th century, Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise-D patrol the Federation frontier and foil Klingons, Romulans and the Borg.
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B.J. Burton, dee stewart, Gareth D Jones, Jennifer L. Madison, R.A. SlaterStar Trek fan fiction
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Michael Strickland
The Next Generation
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Jim T. Henriksen
The Next Generation
The enigmatic Q arrives on the Enterprise and makes Lt. Barclay an offer he can't refuse...
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_ Jaala
The Next Generation
Wesley Saves the Day... Again
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Alan W. Shaw
The Next Generation
A Stitch in Time
The Captain has an hour to go for a First Contact reception, then disaster strikes, how will he get out of this dilemma?
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Rogrio Pietro
The Next Generation
The Fourth Law
The most advanced warship of Starfleet is taken by the Borg, and the USS Enterprise is called to stop them. The secret it shields is that it becomes indestructible when assimilated. But they will face another problem - Captain Jean-Luc Picard is aboard the assimilated ship.
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Elizabeth Loperena
The Next Generation
To Dance For Plavius - Part 1
(Part 1 of 4) Starship production is about to come to a standstill! The Federation of Planets is experiencing a shortage of a critical mineral used in the production of warp cores. As a result, Captain Picard, along with the Enterprise crew, has been assigned to acquire mineral rights from a non-member planet, Plavius, where this mineral is found in abundance. However, intelligence sources advise that the Romulans may be well aware of the Federation's plight.

Assisting in this assignment is a Starfleet security officer, Dana Russell, whose past life on Plavius and an attraction to the captain of the Enterprise, will threaten the mission's success. Her former lover and now leader of this beautiful planet that sits on the edge of the neutral zone, has involved himself in questionable activities that may hinder the Federation's acquisition of the vital component for the Mars shipyards.

Captain Picard and the planet's leader will become formidable opponents in their struggle to acquire the precious mineral, for Dana Russell's favor and in confronting the Romulan empire. But Captain Picard's most difficult task will require him to face his most personal demons and it will be at the hands of the persistent security officer.
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Elizabeth Loperena
The Next Generation
To Dance For Plavius - Part 2
(Part 2 of 4) Conflicts abound as Commander Russell's presence aboard the Enterprise intrudes upon the lives of Captain Picard, Beverly Crusher and even Data. Suspecting him of dealing with the Romulans she confronts Jerrod Crispin, jeopardizing the Federation's offer of membership and acquisition of the mineral. But Commander Russell will blame herself when death makes an unexpected visit to the beautiful planet, Plavius.
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B.J. Burton
The Next Generation
Part 1 - A Betazoid and a Klingon in a relationship! Never, you say. One is too gentle and reserved while the other is too brutal and aggressive. What would happen if these two should mate? In Dimensions we explore the implications, a Betazoid who is forever changed and a Klingon who becomes stronger in the relationship with implications that could change the whole Klingon race.
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Elizabeth Loperena
The Next Generation
To Dance For Plavius - Part 3
(Part 3 of 4) Jerrod Cripsin's monstrous plot is revealed and sets several events in motion bringing the crew of the Enterprise head-to-head with the Romulans. As a result, both Picard and Russell turn up missing.
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Elizabeth Loperena
The Next Generation
To Dance For Plavius - Part 4
(part 4 of 4) First Officer, Will Riker, takes the helm in search of his captain and the missing security officer. Not only does he face his own issues with commanding the Federation's flagship but he is forced into deal with the enemy. Picard, as well, will confront the biggest hurdle of his entire life.
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