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U.S.S. Odyssey (NDT)
***This Series has been ReImagined*** Starting just prior to the Events of Star Trek : Nemesis, the USS Odyssey, Sovereign-class, is a ship of the line in the post-Dominion War Federation. Starring Anthony Stewart Head as Captain James Gideon. http://www.startrek-odyssey.com/
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Jason J MaxwellStar Trek fan fiction http://www.startrek-odyssey.com/
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Jason J Maxwell
U.S.S. Odyssey
To Live and Die in Starlight... Part 1
At the dawn of a new age of exploration for the Federation, Captain James Gideon of the USS Enterprise-F, and his crew, must stop an enemy no one's heard from in two decades. If they fail, everything they love will fall.
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USS Missouri
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