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The word phaser is an acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification, a directed energy weapon used by the Federation, Starfleet, the Bajorans, and other races. Phasers range from a small size that fit in the palm of one's hand to a large size that can be mounted on starships as defensive weapons.
Early hand-held phasers were powered by dilitium crystal/transtator circuitry, while modern phasers use sarium/krelide power packs that give a significantly improved performance.
Early ship-mounted phaser banks were usually in pairs of rotatable mountings; however, Starfleet created a linear phaser array, which allowed the phaser to lay along the hull in a long strip, giving a starship almost 360 degrees of weapons access. The effective tactical range of shipboard phaser banks is 300,000 kilometers (about one light second).
Phasers, both hand and ship-mounted phaser banks, are standard equipment aboard Starfleet vessels.
Phasers have been known to refract a transporter's annular confinement beam, creating a hazard if such conditions arise.

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