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Tyler Edwards
Dispatches from the Romulan War: Terra Prime Gunmen Caught
After a manhunt lasting more than seven months, two men have been arrested in connection with an attack upon famed Andorian soldier Commander Shran.
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Michael Garcia
Full Speed Ahead
Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead #7: Eight the Hard Way
Stardate 43322: Following the incident with the convoy to Deep Space Four, Farragut is assigned to her intended mission: Border Patrol. However, Leone's new task force commander is displeased at having a captain of ill repute serving under him. To take her to task for her recent escapades, he assigns Farragut to a long-term mission with Starfleet Public Affairs Office, transporting a tour of civilian entertainers to starbases within proximity to Cardassian space.
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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 4.40 - The Hornet's Nest
(SEASON FINALE) The U.S.S. Regal, which has gone missing in the Trajan Nebula. Foul play on the part of the So’ja is suspected, and with the Pioneer in repair, Captain Kelsoe and his crew take the Defiant class ship, the U.S.S. Imperial, out to investigate. Once there the recovery process seems quite normal, but something goes wrong...
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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 4.39 - In Custody
The would be assassin is in custody. He is a high ranking So’ja intelligence operative. And he won’t talk. Captain Kelsoe and Commander Tuff along with Starfleet Intelligence Agent Peter Bradford must uncover the terrifying plot that is being planned by the So’ja. And an old enemy returns.
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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 4.38 - Prime Target
A plot to assassinated the newly elected Federation President Korvin Mot has been uncovered. Captain Kelsoe and the crew of the Pioneer must travel back to Earth and save the day.
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