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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 3.23 - Icy Summer
A strange ship that Captain Kelsoe and the crew encounters starts to drain all the heat and power from the Pioneer. There is nothing they can do. Suddenly they wake up, did it really happen at all?
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Gabrielle Lawson
Deep Space Nine
If It's Not One Thing....
A visiting ship brings an unwelcome visitor to the station. Unwelcome to Julian Bashir. Vandals take the opportunity to wreak havoc on the station and an enigmatic species is on the station, too. If It's Not One's another.
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Alex Lampe
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Fallen Heroes - Part I - Chapter II
The Altonoids have no interest in peaceful relations with the Federation, that much is certain. They have seized control of the space station that was to host the diplomatic meeting. Its entire crew, including the Federation diplomats, have been taken hostage, except for Captain Rinckes and Commander Simons. With the small Federation fleet outside locked in a fierce space battle with the Altonoids, the stern Captain and his First Officer form the stationís last line of defense.
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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 3.24 - Set in Stone
On a routine checkup of a science station, Q pays a visit saying that heís bored. But could Qís appearance mean more than just Q wanting to have some fun? The crew of the Pioneer discovers that everything has turned to stone aboard the station. Dr. Philip J. Eyota, the Chief of Operations of the station is still alive, maybe he can enlighten the crew on what happened. And perhaps Qís true reasons for his appearance will come into focus.
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Gabrielle Lawson
Deep Space Nine
A sequel to The Quickening (4th season): Trevean is dying and Dr. Bashir is invited to the ceremony.
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Travis Cannon
Star Trek: Pioneer - 3.25 - Space Pirates
The Pioneer meets a band of space pirates who try and take over the ship. Can Kelsoe save the ship from a hostile take over?
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Tyler Edwards
Dispatches from the Romulan War: Once, We Were Explorers
Once, we were explorers. Now we're soldiers. That's the reality that everyone in Starfleet has to cope with.
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USS Sovereign
Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
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