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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
B4FV 3.20 - Loved Up
Some of the female members of the crew fall for the same alien visitor. Two crewmembers are soon stalked constantly when the natives of a planet start seeing them as heroes.
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Filip Janik CZ
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Starfleet Cadets 1x07
Alone on a deserted ship.
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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
B4FV 3.21 - Worse Case Scenario 1
B'Elanna finds a mutiny holodeck program that was deleted by Tuvok.
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Rob Roberts
Star Trek
Light as Love, Dark as Death
Enterprise Yeoman Karen Angavu hides her agony over a broken relationship from her fellow officers and crew. She cannot keep it hidden, however, from the life-forms on a strange, barren planet.
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Charles Sellner
The Next Generation
Pep Talk
Set during TNG's pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint". We know Admiral Leonard McCoy was aboard the Enterprise-D when Jean Luc Picard took command, but why? Was it just a casual inspection? A 'conversation' between a legend and a captain brings together two generations over glasses of Saurian Brandy and Earl Gray Tea!
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Star Trek fan fiction at Trek Writer's Guild
Sean Ritter
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek Guenidier: The Return 1x03
A return to the site where the Pandora was destroyed leads to more mysteries. What do they mean, and how will they affect the crew?
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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
B4FV 3.22 - Alternate Scorpion
In an alternate reality Voyager reaches Borg Space just in time to get involved in a war between the Borg and a new species. (Prequel Series Finale)
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Filip Janik CZ
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Starfleet Cadets 1x08
The Starfleet Cadets are faced with the ultimate decision: move on or turn back?
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Dave Dugan
The S.S Vairon
Voyager finds an unusual group of human castaways in the Delta Quadrant. They also come across Vidiians demanding Hammond organs.
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Akeel Ahmad
Deep Space Nine
Proximity Alert
The USS Avenger is sent to investigate an explosion at a Regula Class Research Station. The crew learn of a strange probe that has been released and is heading for DS9. The trail leads them there...
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The Cantabrian Expeditions
Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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