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Charles Sellner
C. Edward Sellner is the creative director of Visionary Comics Studio ( and a lifetime Star Trek fan. He is a published columnist, and comic book writer as well as an artist and is developing several original properties for various forms of distribution. He hopes to one day contribute to Star Trek in more official capacities, but in the meantime, loves doing anything Trek that other fans can hopefully enjoy.
Charles Sellner
The Next Generation
Pep Talk
Set during TNG's pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint". We know Admiral Leonard McCoy was aboard the Enterprise-D when Jean Luc Picard took command, but why? Was it just a casual inspection? A 'conversation' between a legend and a captain brings together two generations over glasses of Saurian Brandy and Earl Gray Tea!
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Charles Sellner
Star Trek
A Far Better Resting Place
Set hours after the events of Star Trek II. While mourning the loss of Spock, Kirk and crew still face a badly damaged Enterprise, whose warp core has been terribly damaged from the battle and strain put on it in escaping the Genesis Device. The only planet close enough to put in and salvage the core before it breaches... Delta Vega! Now, while mourning one best friend, Kirk must return to the world where he buried another best friend... Gary Mitchell. This story connects both Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with the second pilot
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The Courageous
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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