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Josh Wilder
I am a College student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I enjoy writing on my spare time. Most of my characters are loosely based on some of my closest friends. I am also an avid Bridge Commander Modder, and a File Poster at, look for ACES_HIGH.
Portland, OregonEnglish
Writing and 3d designM
Josh Wilder
New Order
As the Beliskner battles for the fate of the Federation, the true reasons behind the conflict come to light, and Hunt must journey to the heart of the Romulan Star Empire to expose them and bring an end to the war
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Josh Wilder
New Order
Deus Ex Machina
A mysterious threat has seemingly appeared out of the future and now threatens to turn the tides of the war with the Romulan Empire against the Federation. Beliskner is on the verge of sacrificing itself to stop the threat.
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Josh Wilder
New Order
Lost Planet of the Gods
The battle for Gamma Hydra IV is raging, while high above, Chavin is sent to investigate the origin of a mysterious object which leads her to a ship thought lost 200 years before.
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Josh Wilder
New Order
The Hardest Part
While patrolling a contested nebula, Chavin crashes on a deserted planet, and Hunt will stop at nothing to find her, even if it means risking his career, and his command.
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