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Phil Harwell
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Sick: the Original Generation - Episode 3: The Pump Don’t Work ‘Cause the Vandals Took the...
Off Site

A rather depressing band of stowaways makes for frustrating interrogation, but sometimes you just have to go with the suspects you've got.
Phil Harwell
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Sick: the Original Generation - Episode 2: But There’s One More Thing...
Off Site

The captain learns that another new deck is found... on the bottom of the ship, and this time, there are more serious ramifications than the ship's budget constraints...
Phil Harwell
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Sick: the Original Generation - Episode 1: Strange, New Rooms
Off Site

A wandering security ensign discovers there are a dozen decks above the Bridge that nobody knew about.
Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
The Road Not Taken
Off Site

As Mei-Wan spends her last night on the Chamberlain, she finds new paths opening up before her, but discovers some old ones aren't so willing to give up just yet.
Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
The Waste Land
Off Site

Cut off from Starfleet and lost in an unknown part of space, Jack, Melissa, Falco, and Mei-Wan fight for their survival against an empire hellbent on killing them.
Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
Desire And Sacrifice
Off Site

As the Vedala urge Starfleet toward a final conflict with the G'voda, Jack McCall searches for a way to avoid the battle he fears will bring destruction upon them all.
Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
An Old Life
Off Site

Jack McCall returns to his ship with many of the troubles from his past now behind him, but the consequences of one decision threaten his future as well as the future of the woman he loves.
Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
Off Site

Robin Nelson finds herself in the clutches of Temporal Investigations, but unknown to her, she's only a pawn in a much larger game.
Larry Trail
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The Captain's Revenge
On Site

With only days till blissful retirement, Captian Jim "Red Shirt" Smith must overcome his ship, his crew and a deep space mystery to make it out alive.
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Dave Dugan
The Next Generation
The Search for Spock's Brain
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Spock's brain is missing! Again! Where could it be? Who would want it? Is someone using it to run a whole civilization or are they just using it to make alien junk food?
Phillip Barlow
Tales of Starfleet
Montage - The Corps Is Mother
On Site

A young recruit begins basic training in the United Federation Marine Corps, preparing him to become one of 'the ultimate defenders of freedom'...
Christopher Filippone
Paradigm Shift
Conspiracy of the Mind
On Site

Episode Three - A traitor to the Federation tells to the Dominion of the unique experiments taking place on board the Condor. The unique communing technology would go far in the Dominion war effort. A plot is conceived to hijack the Condor and its unique crewmembers. But, the Cardassians won't be hijacking her. Neither will Dominion forces. The plan is to hijack the ship from within - using it's own crew. Cross over episode with USS Toronto.
Todd Elsen, Andrew Johnson
The Lost Generation
Chapter Three: Homeward Bound
On Site

The aftermath of the battle with the Klingons takes its toll, and a return home is planned for the Lost Generation.
C.L. Nelson
The Early Years
To Boldly Go, Author's Introduction
On Site

 Follow  Captain Robert April and the early Starfleet crews!
Lieutenant Commander Adol Intrepid Information
Klingon Bird of Prey All Series Starship
Spel Intrepid Information
Lapel Doran Special Ops Character Bio
Harkness, Charles Toronto Character Bio
Sensors All Series Technology
Prevaricate-Class Starship Special Ops Starship
USS Phoenix-X Phoenix-X Starship
Tholian web All Series Information
Chapel Helix Character Bio

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