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A transporter is a matter-energy conversion device used to provide a convenient means of moving objects or sentients from one location to another. The transporter briefly energizes or converts the matter of a given object into energy, beams that energy to a location, and then reassembles the object into its original form.
A transporter lock is required to energize an object/sentient, and this lock can be achieved through the use of any steady signal source, such as a comm.-badge, from which the transporter's sensors can extrapolate the coordinates of a given object. Pattern enhancers are sometimes used if enviromental interference (ionic storms, static discharge, artificial shielding, magnetic variances) requires signal boost at source.
Modern transporters employ biofilters to screen out known pathogenic disease or other undesirable contaminants. During transport, most energy weapons' discharge can be harmlessly disabled.
Transporters cannot operate at warp speeds, unless the sender and the receiver are both traveling at the exact same warp factor.
The transporter can be used at near-warp speeds, when the sender is traveling at nearly the speed to light, relative to the receiving location. In a near-warp transport the transporter operator must compensate for inertia and relativistic dilation. Near-warp transport is generally considered a disconcerting experience.
Transporters cannot penetrate shields or hyperonic radiation; however, Starfleet estimates that, given ten years and a dedicated team of researchers, they could devise a way to beam through intense hyperonic radiation. The current transporter technology has a maximum range of 40,000 kilometers.
The feeling of being molecularly transported is sometimes described as a tingling sensation followed by what seems like a frozen moment in time.
Transporters are considered to be the safest means of travel known to the Federation.

Starfleet Crewmen In Near Warp Transport

Demonstrated Use Of Pattern Enhancers
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