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Osiris (OSIR)
Just eight months after the end of the Dominion War, Captain Astor leads the USS Osiris and her crew into the Serik sector, one of the most distant areas of Federation space, many light years past the quaratine zone of Talos IV, into almost uncharted space. While the Dominion War was raging across the galaxy, the races in the Serik sector were too distant to know what was going on, but they were fighting their own war and thousands were dying. Now that the Serik war is over, Captain Astor must restore peace to the sector and try to form an alliance with its races because an alien aggressor that is determined to exterminate all sentient life in the galaxy is about to force her hand. They wish to make themselves biologically superior to everything else. She must ally the formerly warring races and prepare her own crew for a battle that will cost a lost more than any of them bargained for and lead to a truth about the ancient Progenitors that could send the Federation into another that it cannot hope to win alone.
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Marc Hart
Vanguard: Revelations
Angharad Jones is the only survivor when her ship is destroyed by the Dominion and she spends months on medical leave. When she finally gets a new ship, her orders are to find a planet in the Badlands that the Dominion are supposedly using for an unknown purpose. She finds the planet and sees that the Dominion have allied themselves with one of the Federation's deadliest enemies. an alliance that could sound the death knell for the entire galaxy.
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Marc Hart
Osiris 1x05 Flight of Amon-Ra
CHAPTER 4 UP NOW The Osiris takes part in a race hosted by the new Serik Alliance. But when one of the racers is destroyed, questions are asked whether the Alliance can hold itself together or if covert elements within will corrupt it.
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Marc Hart
Osiris 1x03 Heatwave
When the Osiris comes across a Venus-like world with a dome on the surface they are quick to investigate, hoping to find new technology and allies. But when Astor loses contact with the away team and an alien craft approaches with weapons charged, she wondered if she made the right decision and what the consequences could be if she was wrong.
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Marc Hart
Osiris 1x04 Beyond Eden
The crew of the Osiris find an old sleeper ship violating the Temporal Prime Directive. Can Astor and her crew stop them before the timeline is damaged beyond repair?
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Marc Hart
Osiris 1x02 Uncommon Cold
Captain Astor succeeds in rescuing the crew of the Winceby but another problem presents itself. An alien race has seeded Jumani Prime with a deadly disease, can Astor and the crew of the Osiris find a cure in time or will the destructive aliens win their fight against the destabilised sector and move on to the Federation?
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Marc Hart
Osiris 1x01 Starship Bound
A year after Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan were diverted from their exploration mission to put Romulus back together, another ship must spearhead Starfleet's new era of exporation. This is up to Captain Astor and the crew of the USS Osiris. When they arrive in the Serik sector, at the very edge of known Federation space, they find that a war has destabilised the sector. A starship came this way in the beginning of the Dominion War but its captain left behind a wake of destruction that the Osiris must now sort out before they can begin their own exploration.
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