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Deep Space Nine (DS9)
In orbit around the planet Bajor, Captain Ben Sisko commands space station Deep Space Nine at the mouth of a transgalactic wormhole.
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Mike Porter, Roger Rehberg, Travis AndersonStar Trek fan fiction
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Dave Dugan
Deep Space Nine
Charmed Quark
Quark tries to own the entire Universe. Of course, he has a little help.
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John Scott
Deep Space Nine
Galaxy's End
2374; the USS Galaxy is destroyed, and its captain reviews his career, and the bad decisions he's made. Can Sisko convince him to stay in Starfleet?
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Akeel Ahmad
Deep Space Nine
Proximity Alert
The USS Avenger is sent to investigate an explosion at a Regula Class Research Station. The crew learn of a strange probe that has been released and is heading for DS9. The trail leads them there...
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Chris Adair
Deep Space Nine
one little ship in a crowd
Captain Sisko isn't the only human to be manoeuvred by the Prophets. Sisko would have been destoryed by a Dominion Battleship, if it weren't for the interventions of another. This is the story of another Warrior of the Prophets, during the battle for Deep Space Nine.
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
The Forgiven
Gary Mitchell travels to Deep Space Nine to accept his fate.
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Mike Porter
Deep Space Nine
War of the Warrior - Part 1
This story takes place in an alternate DS9 timeline. In Episode 74 'The Way of the Warrior' (part 2) the Federation reinforcements fail to arrive in time, and Deep Space Nine falls to the Klingons. This leads to full scale war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, and a Klingon occupation of Bajor. Several months later....
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
Jagged Reflections
A return to the 'Mirror Universe' and the story of how Ross, Sela and Khan began the path for humanity's liberation.
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
The Book
In another time and in another place, the Borg had decimated the Alpha Quadrant and assimilated the Federation. This is the story of the Enterprise in Lieutenant Commander Data's words with their quest to survive.
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Travis Anderson
Deep Space Nine
Ro Laren and Brin Macen cope with the losses deriving from Chakotay's disappearance and Tom Riker's imprisonment. The latest threat facing the Maquis, however, is not of Cardassian nature but one born of Bajoran faith.
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Darrell Mason
Deep Space Nine
Cardassian Border Problems - Part 4
Warp Cores and fields are a tough thing to destroy. A chief Engineer and Science Officer have to Prove the Impossible to be possible.
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Evil Must Be Opposed.
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