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Roger Rehberg
Eastern Passage, NS - CANADAEnglish
Roger Rehberg
Star Trek
Second Chances
Kirk will not accept the death of his son, and he has the ability to move through time. He will do what he can to change that devastating event. The story is set in the Original Series universe and takes place between Star Trek III The Search For Spock and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
The Forgiven
Gary Mitchell travels to Deep Space Nine to accept his fate.
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
Jagged Reflections
A return to the 'Mirror Universe' and the story of how Ross, Sela and Khan began the path for humanity's liberation.
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Roger Rehberg
Deep Space Nine
The Book
In another time and in another place, the Borg had decimated the Alpha Quadrant and assimilated the Federation. This is the story of the Enterprise in Lieutenant Commander Data's words with their quest to survive.
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The Cantabrian Expeditions
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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