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Jon Markiewitz
Jonathan Markiewitz is a published author, award-winning independent film director, radio commercial scriptwriter and director, graphic artist, actor, and educator. His work has appeared in Total Film Magazine, the New Mexico English Journal, Fan Films Quarterly, Star Wars Insider, and BrickJournal, featured in books, on television, clothing, over the airwaves, in film, and across the web. His breakout role in the commercial parody Toilets, which he directed and produced, was a flushing sensation to millions of viewers. In the animation circuit, he is best known for animating and directing the internet LEGO® sensation of 2003, Batman: Revenge, a stop-motion animation which earned him worldwide recognition, praise, and a great fan base. He regularly teaches college courses focusing on academic and occupational success. Other work projects include film production, graphic design, acting, writing covering fiction and poetry, and script development for both personal and commercial developments. Jon also has many upcoming interviews and Q&A panels scheduled where he will talk about his education experiences and work in entertainment.
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Jon Markiewitz
The Animated Voyages
A Taste of the Arrow
Part Four of Four. With Captain O'Shea's very existence in question, the Starhaven and its crew in serious jeopardy, and the plot to overthrow the Federation and Romulus in full swing, the galaxy's fate could already be sealed. When an unexpected discovery by the crew starts a chain reaction of events in their favor, it also begins a countdown to a possible annihilation. It's a race against the clock - and a fight for the future - on another exciting illustrated adventure of Star Trek: The Animated Voyages!
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Jon Markiewitz
The Animated Voyages
Upon the Outward World
Part Three of Four. Unexpectedly attacked by a Klingon squadron, the mission to The Neutral Zone to uncover the Romulan plot is placed in jeopardy. With time running out, and a new revelation about an imminent threat to Commander Thelin and the rest of the crew, Captain O'Shea must seek help from sworn enemies to save a future in peril.
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Jon Markiewitz
The Animated Voyages
Eyes of New Harvest
Part Two of Four. Captain O'Shea returns to a home he once knew, only to find secrets revealed from a people known solely from myths and legends. A search on New Harvest, a Federation world, soon becomes an intelligence gathering mission as startling parallels are drawn, and the Starhaven crew must journey close to enemy territory to protect the Federation's future.
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Jon Markiewitz
The Animated Voyages
Perils of Waves and War
Part One of Four. What begins as an investigation into the disappearances of two Starfleet ships quickly escalates into a confrontation of galactic proportions. More than a weapon, what is at stake is the altering of the balance of power in the entire quadrant and beyond. The crew soon realizes a Federation enemy holds the key to unlocking a technological marvel, and the Starhaven may not be able to escape destruction!
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