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Ann Norman
Enterprise was perhaps my favorite of the Star Trek series, followed by the Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine. I'm an administrator at Triaxian Silk, the premier Trip and T'Pol website. I live in Pittsburgh, am an active amateur astronomer, am Assistant Editor of an economics journal. I am married with 3 grown boys. I make a point to exercise my creative side in various ways. Thanks for listening!
Ann Norman
Heresy - Chapter 1
TíPol tries to move on with her life after Tripís death in a canon-based E2 universe, but is hindered by her hope that he may be still alive in a parallel universe. In chapter 1, we say goodbye to Trip.
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Ann Norman
Heresy - Chapter 2
TíPol tries to move on with her life after Tripís death in a canon-based E2 universe, but is hindered by her hope that he may be still alive in a parallel universe. In chapter 2, the crew, reeling from Trip's death, attempts to retrieve Destiny, the daughter of Phlox and Amanda, who has been kidnapped by the Triannons. A girl gives Lorian an interesting gift for his fifteenth birthday. Alternative Trip plots his escape from a Triannon missionary ship.
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Ann Norman
Heresy - Chapter 3
Destiny is reunited with her family after her sojourn with the Triannon missionaries, but is having trouble readjusting to Enterprise. TíPol makes plans for her upcoming pon farr, but has second thoughts after Destiny tells T'Pol of her encounter with a ghostly Trip during a Triannon religious ceremony.
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Ann Norman
Heresy - Chapter 4
As T'Pol heads towards a relationship with Malcolm, her son seems sullen. What's going on with Lorian? Meanwhile, Alternative Trip seizes on an opportunity to escape the Triannons.

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Ann Norman
Forwards or Backwards
During the Xindi mission, Trip wakes up to find himself married to T'Pol. He has suffered some sort of trama leading to memory loss. Trip is adjusting to this news, when Archer cautions that only T'Pol considers them married and she has been behaving erraticly.
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Ann Norman
These are the Voyages?
T'Pol must reconsider the tramatic days surrounding Trip's death when asked for an opinon about the version of history presented in a new holodrama.
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