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Richard Merk
Banshee Squadron 2.0
Outwardly Mobile
The eagerly anticipated Banshee Squadron story written by Jay P. Hailey! Alex Dalton has wings on her ankles and can't get enough flight time. Can she survive as a member of Banshee Squadron?
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Ian Barker
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Fan Fiction : Planetfall
The USS Lewis & Clark arrives on the planet and begins their search for Commander Hewlett & Lieutenant Grata.
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Katarzyna Marcinkowska
Chapter 8: Transformations (part 1)
The officers gathered around the small table in the conference room were all dumbfounded. The news were so inconceivable, even these seasoned space travelers had a hard time believing their own senses. A computer, an android, miraculously transformed into a human being, virtually overnight it seemed so... ridiculous, they had no idea where to even begin.
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Scott Fack
The Cantabrian Expeditions
Dream a Little Dream of Me
(A Cantabrian-Hidden Frontier crossover)
Ro Nevin is missing, presumed dead, in the Andromeda Galaxy with the Odyssey crew. The Romulans hold Corey Aster, deep in a coma, as their prisoner, performing bizarre medical experiments on him. Can an undercover agent reconcile the past, help Aster out of a dream-loop and get him to the Federation's safety?
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Caoimhin Jospeh
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
USS Accipiter Episode 3 Retribution
Following the events of In The Line Of Duty, the Accipiter is a ruin under tow for repair. En route however, it is prey to the audacious plans of a space pirate with grand plans and the machinations of a plot set in motion by someone with a Vendetta against Vaughan and retaliation from the Dominion.
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Star Trek fan fiction at Trek Writer's Guild
mike morgan
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The crew of the USS-Endeavour-A are still under cover as Marquis. Their mission is almost complete, but there will be some that will not come out of it alive...
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Aubrey Merkey
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Far Freedom
In the Star Trek universe they would have been Uhura and Christine. They have sacrificed their children and their happiness to search for husbands lost to deep space. Their efforts have already changed the course of history. Their failure may end it. (This is a complete novel.)
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Michael Garcia
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The Misadventures of January McKenna, Chapter Ten: not with a bang, but a whimper
After the victory at Cirrius Prime, January and her crew must move on to different assignments... and the possibilities of the future begin to unfold. (Series Finale)
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Michael Garcia
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The Misadventures of January McKenna, Chapter Nine: The Cirrius Prime Symphony (in D Minor)
The battle begins! The fleet of twenty-five advanced class starships make their move, but January has her own agenda to ensure that she gives back to the Borg what they took from her at Wolf 359... at the risk of her career, life, and shipmates.
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Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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