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Josh Wilder
New Order
The war is not going well, for the Federation, but for the crew of the Beliskner, the only thing they can do is get ready to fight. Commander Chavin trains new recruits while Major Dergos recovers from his wounds.
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Richard Merk
Banshee Squadron 2.0
The Mind Rippers
In the aftermath of the Mulluran War and Jazz Phoenix's death, Banshee Squadron is in tatters. But while on their much-needed vacation, Sam Beckett is kidnapped, sending the Banshees on a wild manhunt across the system!
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Christena MacDonald
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek:New Era, chapter two
The continuing story of the young alien found in space...
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Todd Kelley
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Lost Frontier:
The crew of the USS Prodigy is assembled to explore and unknown region of space known as Sector 71. There, they battle a race of space-fairing conquerors called the K'teer.
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Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.20 - Muse
Muse is destroyed with no trace left when Morgan and Tani are the inspiration for an alien play, based on Voyager.
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Star Trek fan fiction at Trek Writer's Guild
Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.19 - Upendi
When five crewmembers start to cause too much trouble Janeway puts them on the nightshift to teach them a lesson.
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Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.18 - Dark Frontier
Morgan has visions and hallucinations about her assimilation, her life as a Borg and the assimilation of Voyager.
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U.S.S. Kennedy
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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