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Galen Holcomb
Inevitability Part 1
Just as his court-martial gets under way, Captain Aubrey stuns the public by taking his own life. But all is not as it would appear, for conspiracies are at work behind the scenes-----agencies that will stop at nothing to acquire a secret that could threaten the very fabric of reality…
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Scott Fack
The Cantabrian Expeditions
Catalyst, Part One
Fresh out of drydock, the USS Cantabrian heads to Starbase Expanse 4 to pick up the remainder of their crew. But when the Myhr'an launch a violent, but unexplained, assault on the Federation, can Captain Turner and his new crew uncover the root problem and survive to tell the tale?
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Katarzyna Marcinkowska
Chapter 6: The Conflict
Emotions are difficult to deal with. Will the Explorer crew help to preserve peace in Andromeda? Will they be able to preserve peace among themselves?
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Josh Wilder
New Order
Part 3 of 3 Given a new ship Hunt and the crew set out to complete their mission. While following a lead, they are ambushed and captured. They must now escape the clutches of Section 31's newest turncoat.
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Josh Wilder
New Order
The Crew is recovering from the destruction of the Lapon when they are called back out to find the marauding Section 31 ship, Cerberus.
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Josh Wilder
New Order
...That Others May Live
When a bomb is found on the Lapon some must make the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live.
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John Scott
Star Trek
The Silent Shadow
2265; the USS Horizon picks up a man with no memory. When Klingons attack, can he save the crew?
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Filip Janik CZ
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Starfleet Cadets 1x02
The starfleet cadets are faced with an issue (not so) of the past.
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Filip Janik CZ
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Starfleet Cadets 1x01
The first episode of my completely new series about the young cadets of Starfleet Academy.
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Marill W
Fifth Voyager
B4FV 3.14 - Bad Coffee Week
James and Jessie are thrown into a brutal and violent alien prison where there's no hope of escape.
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U.S.S. Kennedy
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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