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Galen Holcomb
The Double Edge Part 1
While en route to join up with the Tenth Fleet, the battered Tango Fleet stumbles upon a Dominion armada massing to strike at Betazed. Admiral Jellico and Captain Aubrey put a daring plan into motion. In the interim, a mysterious new officer joins Intrepid’s crew.
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Dave Jones
Star Trek
Morning Star - Part 15
Enterprise finds life on the Planet of Morning.
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Dave Jones
Star Trek
Morning Star - Part 16
Star Fleet musters its strength to help the Morning people.
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Bodie Ashton
Troubled Waters - Part 2
Caught in a very difficult situation in the Kosparan Nebula, Simon Anthony assembles a fleet to engage the ruthless Buna and rescue Jakob Ramelow and the USS Excelsior. However, before him stands a determined and powerful enemy, as well as a friend, brainwashed to destroy him. Behind the Mariner and her task force, lurking in the shadows of intrigue, could be a force so powerful that it may cause a civil war to split the entire Federation.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Rebena Te Ra
Hoping to unite the Elorg Bloc, Talyere Rosat long ago set out in search of Rebena Te Ra, a world where both Elorg and Iconian civilizations once flourished... But so ancient is this world, it long ago passed into shadow, lost in a sea of myth and legend that no man could hope to navigate... Until now. When a seemingly innocuous transmission reaches the Starlight, Talyere journeys forth into the world time forgot.
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Galen Holcomb
The Double Edge Part 2
Aubrey’s plan of using Genesis against the Dominion goes awry. Forced into a desperate attempt to intercept invading forces, Tango Fleet engages the enemy. As casualties mount, unexpected events begin to manifest themselves.
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Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
Wife and Mother
Katherine McCall searches for answers about her missing husband, Admiral Jeremiah McCall, and about their son's marriage.
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