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Bodie Ashton
Temporal Morality
A starship captain is governed by two chief rules: Starfleet General Order One (the Prime Directive), and Starfleet Special Order One (the Temporal Prime Directive). Both are independent of the other. But what if a captain is faced by a situation when one contradicts the other?
His commanding officer out of action, Commander Jakob Ramelow must decide whether the future of the Federation, or his own morality, is more important to him. His already difficult situation is complicated further, though, with the arrival of a legendary Starfleet captain...
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Uprising (10 - 14)
Daggit returns to covert duty to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate, T'Kir and Kort butt heads while left alone, and Macen finds that you can't ever go home.
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Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
I Had A Good Life
Mei-Wan McCall finds herself in a reality where events have taken a different course from the one she remembers. As she searches for a way to return to her own world, she discovers the hardest changes to accept are the ones you need the most.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Light and Shadow
For nearly five years, they were allies, fighting alongside one another in the name of the Federation. But now, a Starfleet training excercise has pitted them against each other. It's Alan Christopher versus Matthew Harrison, and there can only be one victor...
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Dave Jones
Star Trek
Morning Star - Part 11
And now the Klingons get involved.
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Roger Rehberg
Star Trek
Second Chances
Kirk will not accept the death of his son, and he has the ability to move through time. He will do what he can to change that devastating event. The story is set in the Original Series universe and takes place between Star Trek III The Search For Spock and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.
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Guardians of the Federation
Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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