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The Final Frontier
USS Starlight

The Starlight was commissioned on stardate 69844.6 at the Antares Fleetyards. Under the command of Captain David Greene, it was assigned to long-range exploratory and science missions.

While charting the Alteran Expanse in early 2395, the Starlight was witness to the birth of the Elorg Rift, a massive anomaly that served as a gateway to a subspace pocket inhabited by the Elorg Bloc. The Elorg were quick to emerge from their realm; Captain Greene was killed, and the Starlight nearly destroyed in the subsequent attack.

Captain Alan Christopher assumed command of the Starlight near stardate 72032. The ship was reassigned to the Kilka Sector, where it played a vital role in the Federation's conflict with the Elorg. It participated in several major battles during the war, including the ill-fated defense of Gildebron III, and the final assault on Eredas-Il near stardate 77109. The Starlight's crew was also responsible for several contributions to the temporal sciences. Over the course of five years, the ship saw the development of temporal probes and shielding, and the birth of the Temporal Prime Directive.
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Posted: 2005.04.29
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