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The Adventures of Argus
USS Argus
  • Registry Number: NCC-75124
  • Class: Sovereign
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Jonozia Lex
  • Commissioning Date: Stardate 50450.9

The USS Argus is the fifth starship to bare the name. Launched on stardate 50450.9, she is one of the most advanced ships in Starfleet.
Construction began on the Argus in early 2371, after tests on the USS Sovereign proved that the Sovereign-class starship was ready to be put into fleet wide service. Starfleet Command gave permission for two new Sovereign-class ships to the constructed and production began on the USS Argus and the USS Horatio; however the destruction of the USS Enterprise-D caused the construction of the Argus to be put back eight months when the Horatio was renamed the USS Enterprise-E. Starfleet rushed to replace their flagship. This actually worked to the ships' advantage as refinements due to be added in the first refit were now able to be added during construction.
Eight months after the launch of the Enterprise, the Argus was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and assigned to the Dakar nebula for scientific research for a period of three months. When the Borg attacked in late 2373, the Argus was called to join the fleet defending Earth, but a system failure in the warp drive prevented the ship from being able to help. Three weeks later, the Argus limped back to Sector 001 to undergo repairs to the faulty warp drive. The Argus remained in drydock until Stardate 50936.1 when she was assigned to the Seventh Fleet; however, the fleet was destroyed before she could rendezvous with them, and the Argus ended up rescuing survivors from the derelict ships.
The Argus has since been assigned to Starbase 88 and to the newly reformed Seventh Fleet now stationed there under Admiral Parker. She has seen further action when Starfleet attempted to pre-empt the attack by the Dominion on Betazed in which the Argus's bridge module was destroyed.
The Argus has an overall length of 685 meters and has 24 decks. There are approximately 1000 people aboard ship at any one time and this is made up of 200 Starfleet officers, 450 enlisted personnel and 350 civilians. Unlike her sister ships Sovereign and the Enterprise, the Argus is designed to hold families and civilians, a design specification that has not been added to combat ships since the Galaxy-class starship project. Another similarity to the Galaxy-class is the ability to separate the primary and secondary hulls, which is used far less frequently than on the typical Galaxy-class vessel.
The propulsion systems consist of a standard Cochrane matter/ antimatter reactor and four fusion reactors. Recently, this has been upgraded to an experiment Type-1 Transwarp drive. The Argus has a maximum sustainable velocity of warp 14.5 and a cruise velocity of warp 12 (obviously due to the Transwarp drive, although Transwarp has been sited to be Warp 10, which is infinite places in the galaxy at once). Due to improved warp field geometry, which should be implemented in the next class of starship and in the first Sovereign-class refit, the Argus is more manuverable than a standard ship of its class.
Tactical systems include standard phasers, quantum torpedoes, and photon torpedoes, all of which are boosted due to the increased output from the transwarp drive.
Resource By:Alex Thompson
Posted: 2003.02.20
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