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USS Toronto
  • General Information:
    • Class: Toronto
    • Category: Battleship and Carrier
    • Commanding Officer: Captain Mellisa Larson
    • Former Commanding Officer: Captain Charles Harkness

  • History:
    • 2353: Construction began at San Francisco Yards.
    • 2355: The primary hull of the ship was completed. The secondary hull was near completion.
    • 2355: Secondary Hull completed, and the two hulls were attached without complications.
    • 2356: Primary and secondary computer cores were added.
    • 2357: Warp nacelles were attached after completing space trials aboard
      the USS Highlander.
    • 2357: Warp core added. Secondary warp core was near completion.
    • 2358: Secondary warp core breached aboard the USS Highlander with all hands lost.
    • 2358: Designers re-design the back-up warp core.
    • 2359: Secondary warp core added.
    • 2360: Outer skin attached.
    • 2362: The original bridge completed and fitted.
    • 2363: The Toronto completed its first warp flight.
    • 2364: Phaser banks added.
    • 2364: First tests with the new phaser systems. Results of tests remain classified.
    • 2365: Torpedo systems added. Tests completed and classified.
    • 2367: Blade of armor applied to the primary hull.
    • 2368: Blade of armor applied to the secondary hull.
    • 2368: Blade of armor applied to the nacelles.
    • 2369: First Toronto-class ship made its first deep space test. Results classified.
    • 2370: The design team added an additional armor to the nacelles after the destruction of the Galaxy-class starship USS Odyssey.
    • 2371: Toronto-class ship takes second deep space flight with improvements. Evasive maneuvers were disappointing.
    • 2372: Stronger thrusters were placed along the hull, counteracting the effect from the armor on the nacelles.
    • 2373: Completed shake-down flight under the command of Captain Mike Wright.
    • 2374: USS Toronto christened, the first-of-the-line of her class. Command was turned over the Captain David Sheerin.
    • 2375: USS Toronto participated in the Battle for Deep Space Nine. Captain David Sheerin was killed.
    • 2376: USS Toronto was in dry dock. Design changes to the bridge. New EEH program added.
    • 2376: Captain Charles Harkness takes command.

  • Specifications:
    • Weapons: The Toronto has 30 phaser banks, the main ones located along the primary hull. Armed with 10 torpedo launchers, the main launcher, located under the primary hull, can fire 5 quantum torpedoes simultaneously and 3 tri-cobalt devices at a time. Four other launchers are located on the primary hull, with one starboard, one port, two midship, two along the hull aft, and three directly aft. There are three phaser cannons, one forward and two aft.
    • Medical: The ship is equipped the Emergency Medical Hologram. The Toronto is equipped with holo-emitters throughout the ship so the EMH can roam the ship freely.
    • Engineering: The Toronto-class ship is the first in Starfleet to have the Emergency Engineering Hologram program. Its image takes after Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge, chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-E.
    • Marine Support: The Marines use the Halifax-class attack ship. These ships are 20 meters long and 15 meters wide. Each ship is capable of supporting a crew of three, for three months with out re-supply. There is a sleeping area immediately behind the cockpit. A typical Halifax-class ship has five type-XXIV phaser banks along the hull, as well as two phaser cannons (similar to those aboard Defiant-class starships) and four photon torpedo launchers, two forward and two aft.

USS Toronto

Toronto Plaque
Resource By:David Sheerin
Posted: 2003.02.20
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