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Starship Helix (II)
  • Starship Information
    • Class: Cheyenne (Defiant prototype) (Editor's Note: This seems to be a different version than the established canon Cheyenne-class starship).
    • Category: Escort
    • Class Status: Officially does not exist

  • Dimensions
    • Height: 31.26 m
    • Width: 88.2 m
    • Length: 119.87 m

  • Weapons
    • Phaser System/Output: Type X-B / 5.3MW
    • Phaser Cannons: ASX 44.0994
      • Locations: 3 Fore and 2 Aft
      • Capacity: Rapid Fire / 15 sim. spread

    • Torpedo Types: Mark III Quantum / Mark X Chroniton
      • Quantum No.: 275
      • Chroniton No.: 25

  • Propulsion
    • Warp Reactor: Modified M/ARA Type 3 Beta
      • Designation: Psi-Gamma
      • Cruising Speed: Warp 7.275
      • Maximum Speed: Warp 9.25
      • Matter Replacement: Bussard Collectors

  • Known Experimental Technology
    • Space Jump "Fold System": Modified M/ARA Type 3 Beta Peripheral
      • Maximum Jump Distance: 15,145.22 Lightyears

    • Meta Shield System
      • Shield Rotation: 43,234 frequencies per second
      • Photon Feedback Emissions: Shield Feedback Burst at 136 percent

    • Shield Frequency Scanner: Scans 42,000 frequencies per second
    • Auto-Defence System: Auto phaser turrets (4 top and 3 bottom)

After a collision with a Borg artifact, Team Helix concluded that their warship was destroyed. 18 months after the incident, Deputy Director Chapel of Section 31 was able to retrieved the thrashed remains and secretly refit her from scratch. Using it as a gesture of good faith, he enlisted Team Helix as his new field operatives to work for the Section.
The Helix II is a powerful Cheyenne-class ship (see above note) that suffers problems similar to its successor, the Defiant-class starship. With experimental technology from its previous incarnation, the Helix may still hold the title as one of the most powerful ship in the Alpha Quadrant.

Starship Helix (II)
Resource By:Todd Kelley
Posted: 2003.02.20
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