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The Cantabrian Expeditions
USS Cantabrian
  • The First Cantabrian:
    • Starfleet Command commissioned the original Starship Cantabrian, NCC-607, in 2238. The original Cantabrian boasted the similar design to the Constitution-class starship with the exception of the warp nacelle configuration. One warp nacelle rode the back of the secondary hull of the Cantabrian. This version of the Starship Cantabrian encountered its counterpart from the future in the year 2252.
      After 32 years in service, Starfleet Command refitted the Cantabrian with more modern equipment. Five years later, the configuration changed again when the one nacelle design proved to be obsolete and inefficient, and the original Cantabrian obtained a second nacelle and a new class designation: Constitution-class refit.
      In 2290, after nearly 52 years of service, Starfleet Command decided to decommission and scrap the Constitution-class refit Cantabrian. Starfleet Command prepares a draft of an Excelsior-class Cantabrian to take the decommissioned starship's place.

  • The Second Cantabrian:
    • The Excelsior-class Starship Cantabrian, NCC-24705, launched from dry dock in 2292 for a test run around the sector, and, three weeks and several tweaks later, Starfleet Command assigned Captain Thekla Lawless to take command of the Cantabrian. She and her crew enjoyed several major successful missions aboard the Cantabrian.
      Captain Noel Turner took command of the Starship Cantabrian in 2368 and completed a successful tour patrolling the Romulan and Gorn borders. During this time, the Cantabrian helped strengthen ties between the Gorn Alliance and the United Federation of Planets.
      In 2372, Starfleet Command called the Cantabrian out of refit at Starbase 74 to investigate the rise in Mer'an violence towards the Mer'an neighbors. The Chief Engineer and his engineering teams helped complete the refit, as did the Deep Space Three engineering teams a few weeks later.
      The Cantabrian suffered severe damage on several occassions, including during a hostile confrontation with a Mer'an Special Operations starship and during the battle to stop Doctor Samantha Delaney. Each time, the Cantabrian was repaired.
      The Cantabrian participated in the peace process between the Mer'an and the United Federation of Planets as well as in limited contact with the M'Tar. During the peace drive between the Mer'an and the Federation, the Cantabrian spent much time patrolling the Mer'an and Federation border.
      The Starship Cantabrian suffered a warp core breach and was destroyed after confronting and defeating a Rejatalian starship attempting to destroy Earth. The majority of the crew of the Cantabrian escaped before the destruction of the starship. Starfleet Command rushed to replace the loss of the Starship Cantabrian.

  • The Third Cantabrian:
    • The third Starship Cantabrian retained the same number (with the addition of the letter A behind it) as the Excelsior-class ship of the same name in gratitude for the outstanding service the ship provided to Starfleet during its long career. The Quasar-class USS Cantabrian originally was named the USS Aoraki, but Starfleet Command issued an order to rename the ship in recognition of the service of the Excelsior-class Cantabrian. The USS Cantabrian was launched in early 2374 from Earth Station McKinley.
      A few weeks after the commissioning of the new Cantabrian, Captain Noel Turner took command of the starship, retaining his senior staff and majority of his crew. Starfleet Command assigned the Cantabrian to investigate the remains of the Rejatalian starship to find any traces of the ship that would help Starfleet in further confrontations with the Rejatalians. The Rejatalians pulled the Cantabrian through into their dimension, and the Cantabrian was stranded in that dimension for several months. During this time, the ship was forced to separate and function as two separate components for several weeks.
      Upon its return to the Federation, the Cantabrian worked in the Steranmio Alliance and Pilmarian Union of Planets, attempting to resolve the conflict tearing the region of space apart. During this time, the Cantabrian also confronted the M'Tar on several occassions.
      The Quasar-class Cantabrian was a testbed for different ideas, including the role of launch platform for several smaller starships. The USS Peacekeeper and USS Determination were two of these ships housed aboard the Cantabrian.

Excelsior Class
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