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U.S.S. Intrepid
Launched in 2346, the Intrepid is a fourth generation Excelsior class starship. Her first touch of notoriety came less than three months after she entered service, being the first ship to respond to the Romulan attack on the Klingon outpost of Khitomer. Intrepid was too far away to prevent the assault, but arrived in time to provide prompt medical care to the survivors.

Intrepid's chief warp field specialist, Sergey Rozhenko, would rescue a Klingon child named Worf from Khitomer and raise him as his own. Worf would grow up to enter Starfleet Command becoming the first Klingon to serve in that institution.

After twenty-six years of distinguished service, Intrepid was finally retired in 2372.

Months after Intrepid was mothballed, Admiral Saavik chose her as a Starfleet test vehicle for experimental technology and weapons. None of her modifications were meant to be used in actual service and she only left dry dock for excursions that tested the operational limits of her new systems.

Meanwhile, a new class of ship made its debut. The new design was compact, versatile, and sported the latest technological advances---most of which had been tested on the older Intrepid. As a tribute, it was decided to christen this new class of vessel with the name "Intrepid" In honor of her predecessor, who had been first to implement its cutting edge technology.

By 2374 war with the Dominion seemed inevitable. In preparation, Starfleet Command had begun a covert program know as Operation Metanoia. The principal goal of Metanoia was to reactivate any and all decommissioned starships that could be made battle ready in time to meet a Dominion invasion. Before long, construction yards across the Federation were running continuously. Some older vessels underwent refits so extensive, and of such magnitude that the final product was almost unrecognizable from the original ship. In other cases, whole vessels were gutted and turned into floating weapons.

By the time the Dominion War was under away in late 2374, Operation Metanoia had rushed over 178 decommissioned ships back into service.
NCC-38907 was re commissioned in 2374 and pulled away from the Utopia Planetia yards bristling with firepower. Her arsenal was far superior to all of her Excelsior class sister ships during this period and even put some of Starfleet's newer vessels to shame. During her stint as a test vehicle before the war, Intrepid had additional phaser banks installed to test the operational limits of newly designed beam emitters. Deadly quantum torpedoes now filled her launch tubes. Additionally, she had parts of her hull replaced with ablative armor and new multi spectral shield generators had succeeded the original aging units. As the war approached, further upgrades were administered to her offensive and defensive capabilities. At the time of her second christening ceremony, Intrepid sported some of the most advanced technology that Starfleet Command had to offer. The ship became a hybrid of old and new science, nearly becoming a class unto herself.
Tragically, her successor, first of the new Intrepid class, was lost with all hands during a Dominion attack in the Gamma Quadrant shortly before official hostilities erupted. As a tribute to her ill fated namesake, a single digit of the older ship's registry number was changed upon re entering service. Her new designation would now be NCC-38957.
Intrepid served in many key battles during the war, and became a much sought after prize for the Dominion throughout the conflict. After the war's conclusion, she returned to service as a deep space exploratory vessel and became the first ship to re enter the Gamma Quadrant on a series of diplomatic assignments. Her successful missions paved the way for interstellar commerce and renewed relations with the Gamma Quadrant.
Her dedication plaque bears a quote from T.S. Elliot:
"We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."

Technical Specifications:

Length: 467 meters
Height: 78 meters
Weight: 239,645,000 metric tons
Decks: 24
Warp Core: Mark VIIII (experimental)
Computer core: biogenic / isolinear
Shuttle compliment: 10
Phaser banks: 15 high yield cannons
Torpedo compliment: 100 quantum, 80 photon
Torpedo launchers: Six: four forward, two aft. Each tube is a state of the art rapid speed launcher that can deliver 5 torpedoes per second during an exchange.
Maximum safe cruising speed: warp 8.5
Maximum velocity: warp 9.99
Crew compliment: 620

Additional Modifications:

Ablative armor added to primary and secondary hull.
New bridge module
Transport inhibitor (operational for all decks simultaneously)
Redundant multi spectral shield generators, used to augment primary generators.
New Classification awarded: Deep Space Heavy Cruiser
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Posted: 2005.07.30
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