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The term "Alternate Universe" indicates a universe that was created in response to an action that was not taken in the "proper universe". There are several other terms for the words alternate universe including but not limited to quantum reality, alternate reality, and mirror universe (in cases where the universe is pretty much the opposite of the "proper universe") ("Parallels" [TNG], "Mirror, Mirror" [TOS], "Crossover" [DS9], et. al.). Doctor Richard Feynman, a Human scientist of the twentieth century, proposed a theory in which any particle follows every possible path, creating multiple realities. Here are some alternate universes:
  • The Mirror Universe (Terran Empire): The Mirror Universe was discovered by accident when Captain James T. Kirk and several members of his crew attempted to transport through an ion storm. The team found themselves aboard the ISS Enterprise, a mirror universe counterpart to their own starship. In this universe, the Federation did not exist; however, the Terran Empire did, and it conquered various civilizations instead of welcoming them into an organization. Spock (mirror) did not agree with these tactics and, with the persuasion of Kirk, attempted to change the mirror universe for good ("Mirror, Mirror" [TOS]).
    • Terran Empire Instance One: Spock (mirror) led the peace movement, which caused the Terran Empire to disarm; however, the Alliance, a coalition formed between the Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans, enslaved the Terrans in the process. With help from Major Kira Nerys and Doctor Julian Bashir, the Terrans began the Terran resistance movement on Terok Nor (mirror) ("Crossover" [DS9]). The resistance gained momentum until the Alliance forces were severely beaten trying to retake Terok Nor (mirror) ("Emperor's New Cloak" [DS9]).
    • Terran Empire Instance Two: Spock (mirror) attempted to lead the peace movement but was assassinated; thus, the Terran Empire never disarmed. The Terran Empire did grow stagnant technologically, though, with the process of conquering races proving to destroy many valuable pieces of technology in the process. The Empire decided to send the equivalent of Special Operations starships into neighboring realities to gain technology from less-stagnant universes. Two of these starships are the ISS Prospect and the ISS Cantabrian ("Mirror Without Reflection" [CANT{aka TCE}], et. al.) The crew of the USS Cantabrian-A discovered in 2374 that the Terran Empire discovered the Bajoran Wormhole and attempted to take on the Dominion; however, the Empire sorely underestimated the Dominion and were losing the war severely ("Mirror Without Reflection" [CANT]).
  • Arkcana's Home Universe: This instance of an alternate universe is where Captains Arkcana and A'Pok originated from. In this alternate universe, the Federation took over the Klingon Empire and made an alliance with the Romulans.
  • The Federation-M'Tar War Universe: If Scott Andrew Fack remained aboard the Starship Perth in 2374, the M'Tar would have carried out their threats to destroy the Starship Cantabrian and start a war ("...The Fire In Which We Burn" [CANT]). In this reality, the Cantabrian was destroyed, and the M'Tar Domain unleashed masses of ships into the universe. By 2376 in this universe, the Federation was losing the war against the M'Tar, but the battle around Vulcan turned the tide. In this reality, the Dominion, the Cardassians, and the Klingons were wiped out by the M'Tar within 8 months. It was speculated that the Federation's renewed sense of purpose after defeating the M'Tar at Vulcan saw them quell the M'Tar threat and rebuild the Alpha Quadrant ("Something to Remember" [CANT]).
  • The Borg Earth in 2373 Universe: After the Borg sphere entered a temporal vortex above Earth in 2373, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E witnessed a dramatic change to the face of the Earth. In this alternate reality, created by the Borg by assimilating the past, the Earth was home to approximately 9 billion beings, all of whom were Borg. The atmosphere and temperature of the planet also changed (Star Trek: First Contact).
  • The Year of Hell Universe: In this reality, the Starship Voyager crew encountered the Krenim and attempted to stop them from altering the time-line as much as possible. In one such reality (for there are several dozen realities at work throughout the whole "year"), Captain Kathryn Janeway told all crew but her senior officers to abandon ship, gathered several minor Delta Quadrant powers, and rammed the time ship in order to stop the Krenim, destroying the Voyager and killing Janeway in the process ("Year of Hell, Parts One and Two" [VOY]).
  • Edith Keeler Lives Universe: Doctor Leonard McCoy accidently overdosed on cordrazine and sent himself back in time through the Guardian of Forever. He arrived on Earth in 1930 and saved social worker Edith Keeler from being killed in a car accident. In the reality that ensued, Keeler became a strong voice for the United States of America not to enter World War II, and her movement caused Adolf Hitler to conquer the Earth, wiping out the existence of the Federation ("The City on the Edge of Forever" [TOS]).
  • The Planet Gaia Universe: In this reality, in 2373, the USS Defiant encountered dangerous quantum fluctuations around a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, causing the ship to be thrown 200 years into the past and to crash on the planet. Kira Nerys died in the crash. The remainder of the Defiant survivors lived on the planet, having children and families amongst the survivors. They even named the planet Gaia. By 2373, Gaia had approximately 8,000 decendants on the planet's surface ("Children of Time" [DS9]).
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