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The Cantabrian Expeditions
Folded Space Drive
The Federation and Starfleet have been working on an invention known as folded-space drive. A folded-space drive works on the idea that fabric of time-space can be moved so that point A and point B in space, normally several light years away, can exist within meters of one another for a short period of time, making the journey shorter for a starship.

Several Federation scientists have been working on this idea, with one set of scientists actually being initially successful several times. Antonio Ramirez's parents tested their prototype folded-space drive aboard the USS Auckland but were met with disasterous results as the folded-space corridor begam to collapse, causing severe damage to the USS Auckland, stranding the surviving crew on a planet affected by the folded-space terminus ("Salvation" [CANT]).

In the late 2360's and early 2370's, Doctor Henrik Delaney and his team created one of the first prototypes which worked on the idea that an additional drive on top of the warp drive could be used to "fold" space. His drive was a success when tested aboard the USS Rutherford in late 2371, but the USS Rutherford was attacked by the Jem'Hadar later after the initial successful tests. Evidence pointed to Doctor Henrik Delaney escaping the Jem'Hadar attack and activating the drive to escape troops on ground. The Starship Prospect, investigating the events, found the Dominion possessed the schematics from the USS Rutherford's device, and the information was destroyed ("Devistation" [TPC], "An Innocent Time" [CANT], "Salvation" [CANT]).

Doctor Samantha Delaney, enraged at her husband's disappearance and her and her husband's folded space drive prototype and schematics, developed another folded space drive prototype, using it as a weapon against her colleagues at Starbase Expanse 12 (also known as Dante Station) after they attempted to report her to Starfleet. The Starship Cantabrian crew discovered first-hand what a folded space drive can do if the humanoids trapped in the field don't have a warp bubble around them during the triggering of the folded space drive ("An Innocent Time" [CANT]).

A folded space drive, when misused, can tear holes in the fabric of time-space, resulting in the overlapping of time and space as well as alternate dimensions. The second-hand effects of misuse of the drive include insanity ("An Innocent Time", "Salvation" [TCE]). The folded space drive can also be used to shift a starship from one dimension to another ("Race Against Time, Parts One and Two" [TCE]).

The Federation is still attempting to develop a stable folded space drive employing either the Delaneys' methods or a coaxial warp drive method.
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