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Spel of Kasa

Spel is a native of the planet Kasa that exists just outside the outer rim of Federation space. For many centuries, a democratic body of appointed officials ruled the planet. Crime was considered rare, but the government had a well-trained division of elite enforcers known as the Velk. The Velk administered the law in those instances where a strong deterrent was needed. These enforcers were also a multi-purpose agency; they handled domestic law enforcement, international threats and eventually became soldiers during times of war.

Spel was a rising star in the Velk agency. She had quickly been promoted from Domestic Affairs, to International Enforcement by the time she was in her third life radius. (Early twenties, by human standards.) Within five years of this promotion she was appointed Chief Enforcer of planetary law. Her fourth life radius saw her become Chief Master Agent, a rank that allowed her to enforce interplanetary law within the Kasa system and outlying colony worlds. By the time of her fifth life radius, Spel had gained the ears of Kasaís presiding council. Common wisdom held that she was well on her way to becoming the Chief Military Advisor of her planet.

Among other deeds, she was credited with averting a violent rebellion on a colony world that could have plunged the entire system into war. However, it wasnít long before dark rumors begin to surface of Spel torturing her prisoners along with other accounts of unspeakable brutality. Publicly, the government dismissed these stories as propaganda. They had come to depend on Spel and the other Velk to keep control of the ever-growing numbers of Ďdissidentsí among the population-----the governing council realized the Velk had become a resource they could not afford to be without. In the interest of self-preservation, they looked the other way.

At this time, Kasaís friendship with other interstellar communities was blossoming. There was even talk of Kasa becoming a member of the Federation. But growing factions were appalled at the idea of Federation membership. Adding to this fear was anger at the Velkís ruthless behavior and increasing power within the government. As talks with the Federation grew ever closer to membership, disaster struck. An attack was staged against the government by a hardened group of dissidents who enlisted off world sympathizers to bolster their forces.

Top officials were taken by surprise as the dissidents began a deadly wave of assignations that threw the leadership into disarray. A military campaign came immediately afterward as enemy forces moved on capital cities and government installations, using surprise to inflict heavy losses.

The government did not stay off balance for long-----they sent the Velk on a vicious counter offensive meant to eradicate the dissident forces once and for all. At first, it seemed the out numbered rebels were doomed. But the government soldiers began to realize how badly they had underestimated the populationís anger over Velk brutality. Ordinary citizens took up arms against the Velk and within days, the planet became complete turmoil. Kasa colony worlds took sides in the conflict and a full-scale civil war spread throughout the system.

Spel waged many campaigns against the dissidents-----but not even she could win a war against the entire population.

Finally, in the closing days, Spelís unit was cut down in battle. She became a prisoner of war as a provisional government came to power, comprised of former dissident military leaders. The provisional government soon gained the loyalty of the population by promising freedom from brutal police enforcement and an end to Velk type agencies.

By the time the public realized that the new government was far more bloodthirsty than the previous one, it was too late. Spel could only watch helplessly from prison as the world she loved was stripped of resources by the incompetent allocation of the planetís limited resources. Those citizens that voiced objections were dealt with quickly and brutally.

Eventually, Spel was brought before the court on war crimes. With great fanfare the new regime condemned her to death. But her opponents wanted her to suffer. They decided that a quick death was too kind for the likes of a monster like Spel.

Instead, it was decided that she be infected with nanites. Sometime within the next four years, the millions of tiny machines would lay waste to her body. Until that time came, the microscopic assassins would lay dormant. The nanites were expertly designed-----Spelís enemies were secure in the knowledge that no known process could eradicate them. She was thrown back into prison, to await a painful death that might come years in the future, or in the next moment.

But alas, the Velk were not prepared to go quietly into the night. Out of desperation, the small group of ex-government assassins unleashed weapons of indescribable destructive power. Billions died as the planet was engulfed in a final conflagration, leaving Kasa a dead husk in space.

Spel was among the few thousand survivors who escaped her system in those final days. With the Kasa culture and government destroyed for all practical purposes, Spel turned her attention to survival. She sought out ways to de-activate or destroy her nanite executioners. When these attempts failed, she succumbed to despair and contemplated suicide. (The one attempt she made was nearly successful.)

Eventually, She accepted her fate. She became a devote follower of a religious doctrine practiced by a reclusive race in the Beta Quadrant. Her new beliefs allowed her a certain measure of peace. She began to accept her fate and re-evaluate her past actions.

Spel began to live the life of a mercenary for hire. Rather than having a death wish because of her condition, her new faith instead gave her a strange freedom: the permission to live each of her moments to their fullest.

Her impatience and latent bloodlust are still a part of her and often come out in the heat of battle-----or when a planning session with her teammates stretches beyond its useful life.

Physical attributes:

Spel is roughly seven feet high. Her skin is a light gray color and has a rough, leathery texture. Her head and facial features are a reminiscent of an apeís, albeit without hair. Her eyes are a bright green and seem to almost glow.

Spel also has long, sharp fingernails, an evolutionary remnant from a time when her ancestors sported claws. The nails are very stiff and sharp and she often likes to use them in hand-to-hand combat at close quarters.

Her saliva can blind most humanoids when spit into their faces-----a tactic she enjoys when feeling particularly ruthless.

Her race used to hibernate once a year, during periods when the orbit of Kasa carried it away from its sun and the world was plunged into a freezing darkness that lasted eight months. Spel must take drugs to suppress this biological need-----and there are side effects.

She has a tiny mouth that her race uses to sing to one another with. A universal translator, custom designed, is what she must use to communicate with other species.

Late at night, in the privacy of her chambers, Spel can often be heard singing a mournful song in her native language-----a language composed of musical whistles and notes. The haunting melody is a deceptive guise that belies a turbulent soul.

Resource By:Galen Holcomb
Posted: 2006.08.13
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