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Lieutenant Commander Adol
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A native of the planet Andoria, Adol married into fame and fortune at a young age. He spent most of his youth in the pursuit of pleasure, traveling, socializing and squandering his wealth.
His two wives, Laskella and Nasessa Moness were something of cultural icons on Andoria. They were members of an extremely powerful and prestigious family that had influence in the highest seats of Andorian government. It was often joked that no ice melted on Andoria without the Moness family’s permission.
As a young man, Adol enjoyed being a de facto celebrity as Laskella and Nasessa’s latest conquest. He pandered to the media day and night, his immature antics often making the entertainment news. He soon became known as a spoiled buffoon that flushed away his money on Andorian Whiskey and drugs. Once, he convinced the media to publish a 26-page poem he had written. The literary critics were quick to decimate the work as amateur garbage. One night, enraged and drunk, Adol attacked one of the critics outside his office and was immediately arrested for the assault-----it took a large amount of Moness influence to have Adol released from incarceration. A firestorm of bad publicity erupted against the family, tarnishing their image with the public and causing them no small measure of embarrassment.
Finally, Laskella and Nasessa decided they had had enough. They divorced Adol, using their influence to seize what little funds that had genuinely belonged to him before the marriage. Worse, according to Andorian law, all property and assets revert back to the original owners upon separation and joint ownerships of all assets are dissolved. Thus, after the swift proceedings Adol found himself stripped of his fortune and broke.
He tried to gain employement but quickly realized that he had no skills to offer. Nor could he bankroll his reputation as a former celebrity because his ex wives had by then moved on to a new love interest-----and no one was interested in their discards. The public had forgotten about Adol and those that did remember considered him a pathetic has been. Wherever he went, he was greeted with scorn and ridicule.
Eventually Adol decided to leave Andoria, hoping to find work on another world-----but the civilian liner he was traveling on was attacked by Orion pirates before it could reach port. The pirates boarded the ship and terrorized the passengers, robbing and brutalizing everyone they encountered while Adol hid in fear.
Fortunately, a Starfleet ship that had been in the area answered the liner’s distress call. Cowering in a closet, Adol gawked with wonder when a Starfleet security woman opened his door and told him to come out, announcing that everything was under control.
For the next six hours, he watched with amazement as the Starfleet crew worked tirelessly to repair the liner and assist the crew. They personally saw to the care of everyone aboard and provided an escort to the vulnerable civilian ship so she could safely reach her destination.
The Starfleet crew’s matter of fact composure and professionalism affected Adol profoundly. He was so inspired by the crew’s bravery and heroism that he decided soon afterward to join Starfleet himself. He saw there an opportunity to re invent himself, forget his past and become a new person.
By the time he graduated Starfleet Academy, Adol was a changed man. He was now devoted to responsibility and a higher sense of purpose.
As Chief Security Officer of the U.S.S. Intrepid, Adol has demonstrated his own strength of character of numerous occasions. His almost supernatural tactical abilities continue to be an enormous asset to Captain Aubrey.
Resource By:Galen Holcomb
Posted: 2005.08.04
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