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Ane Culture
The Ane

Ane are a quadrupedal, handicapped race. That is they have no manipulative members such as hands or tentacles. They stand an average of 1.2 meter at the shoulder and weight an average of 350 pounds. In a normal posture they will look a six foot man in the eyes. Body shape resembles a half morph between an impala and a greyhound with cloven hooves, a deep chest, and flat belly. The have a short thickly furred tail similar to a white-tailed deer. They have counter-curved lyrate horns an average of 30 inches in length. Ane eyes are always a solid blue in color showing no iris or pupil. The exact shade will vary among individuals and the current lighting conditions. This "solid eye" is a false color caused by the cornea reflecting blue and ultraviolet light away from their eyes. In lighting that has no blue in it Ane have more normal looking eyes in a deep brown shade. Under intense ultraviolet conditions (blacklight) their eyes will glow. They are completely furred. Main body color can be either of the black phase or the more common tan phase. Color can vary in intensity from a deep mahogany red, to a sandy tan, or a charcoal gray to smoke. The underbelly is white in all cases. White markings extend from the throat, to under the tail, and go part way down the legs on the inside. Between the front and back legs is a black flank band, it will vary in width from 3 to six inches.

Ane have a three chambered trachea. The vocal cords are located at the base of the trachea right above the bronchial branching. This arrangement allows the Ane to produce three tones at once. Their voice, although seldom heard is similar to a wood recorder in the contra-alto to baritone range. They have a limited syllabic vocabulary. Their spoken language is impossible for humanoids to reproduce, and likewise they cannot speak standard. With much practice, they manage some words. Telepathy renders vocal communication an art form. Fans call it a hauntingly beautiful art form. The arrangement of three expandable tracheas allows 90% of the volume of the lungs to be exchanged with every breath. At a dead run the body motion, similar to a running greyhound or cheetah, aids in pumping the lungs. Ane aerobic exchange is incredible allowing great endurance in running for long distances, at speeds as high as 50 miles per hour. They run with their mouths full open to better take in air.

Ane vision is somewhat better than the Human norm. Their normal visual acuity is 20/15. They have 200 degree vision, and see from the infrared to the blue range. Purples look black to them. The cornea does not allow violets or ultraviolet to penetrate the eye. Olfactory senses are especially keen. The Ane ability to detect and distinguish odor is about half that of dogs. Hearing is similarly sharp, and their large mobile ears allow for precise location of sounds

Ane are telepathic with individuals rating between 86-99 on the Kraith 0-100 psionic scale (Humans rate in the low teens, Vulcans in the 40s). They also have the ability to teleport. Certain individuals also possess empathic healing abilities, some to the extent of regenerating damaged organs or missing limbs. This is most common in females. Also possible is the ability to split one's attention without apparent effort or strain. Most Ane can pull this off with two or three conversations going at once. An uncommon talent is the ability to do this for 30 to 40 conversations. This ability usually appears in males.

Gender Differences: Males and females are of the same size. Males possess scent glands on the face that produce a waxy substance. This has a mild musky scent to humans. This area of the face is marked by an elongated teardrop shaped black mask under their eyes. The widest part is near the eye. While both sexes have horns females will usually have smaller horns than males. Females have four mammary glands between the hind legs. In a maiden female they will look more like dark spots on a lightly haired area of the abdomen. The udder is more pronounced in females that have had children. (Note: cows are bred for milk, even in an old mother Ane it never gets anywhere near that big, you have to look to see it.) Males have a sheath in the expected place, but it is near flush with the belly, testicles are internal. The surest method of sexing an Ane without getting very personal is to look at their face.

Ane Life: Ane are born after an eleven month gestation. From one to three young are possible in a single birth. Singles are the most common followed by twins. Triplets are a difficult carry, and don't always make it to term. In the last month and a half, the fetus will be aware, and cognizant. Both parents will be able to communicate with the child in the womb. Education begins at this point. Ane are born lucid, and able to walk within minutes of birth. Also performed within minutes of birth is the Gift. The parents imbue the young ones with the racial memory. They cannot access this knowledge at once, but will become aware of it over time.

A young Ane is a walking question factory. The racial memory has not kicked in yet, and the young mind craves answers about everything. The young are also unmannerly about telepathic contact. Very young Ane can be dangerous to those races that are psionicly sensitive. Parental control is necessary at this stage of life. Any sentient within range will be mercilessly bombarded with questions at a furious rate. As fast as one is answered a second will be asked. There is none of the annoying "why?" practiced by human children, mainly to annoy adults. All questions are of substance, but unless you know how to shut them off, it just keeps coming. The young Ane does not become aware of racial memory for three (Earth) years. This allows the individual to establish a personality free from influences of the past. They are also insufferably cute.

After three years (Earth standard) the young Ane is almost of full size, but with a good deal of filling out to do. At this point they start to become aware of racial identify. Racial memories trickle into awareness. The young have their first experiences with the All, and Ane culture in the larger sense.

Two reactions are common. The "teen" becomes insufferable, filled with knowledge, they do think they "know everything". Fortunately, this stage passes. It is a good thing too, or a great many of them would be bludgeoned to death (they are harder than Hell to strangle). The second reaction is awe at the scope and depth of what is available. It is then dived into and they might not come up for air for a good long time. Parental prompting may be required to get them to kick back and go run for a while, eat, etc. This would be the Ane equivalent of the "nerd". Extreme examples of both behaviors are uncommon. Most young have a brush with both sides of the coin.

At the age of two (6.4 years Earth Standard) an Ane has reached full growth, and is sexually mature. Ane females are fertile only once a year (Savanna year 3.2 Earth years). This cycle will adjust itself to a certain extent depending on the local conditions. The young woman herself has a good deal of control in the matter. She can delay the cycle, skip a year, or bring it on early depending on local conditions. She will want to give birth when local food supplies are at their greatest. As a result of this Ane living on the African plains will cycle every three years, in sync with the rains. Ane living on one of the El Nanth worlds will cycle every local year, at any old time. The rosette has a round orbit, no seasonal changes to speak of. Males, as with most mammalian males, are ready any old time. While fertility is limited, Ane are sexually capable at any time, and enjoy sensual pleasures. The newly capable adults will take advantage of the situation.

By the age of three (9.6 years Earth Standard) the Ane is considered a competent member of the All, and free to do as they will. Ane live for 500 years (earth standard) on the outside. Adult life is a long afternoon of contemplation and discovery. Most Ane never progress passed this stage, except to mate, and have children. A few, some ten percent are stricken with a desire to do more than ruminate over what others have seen or heard, and go out to get new experiences. These adventurous Ane are what most races establish as the racial type. If anything it is a false image of curious go getters that want to see everything. Most Ane are content to remain at home.

Ane do not produce children outside of a mating weave, and the weave is not undertaken lightly. Once an adult the Ane can socially perform this process. It involves forming a permanent attachment mentally to the partner of your choice. The two are then constantly aware of each other. Their thoughts, and feelings shared, "Never alone" is how Ane put it. The disadvantage is that the death of one partner can kill the other. If the shock of the link loss is not enough, the loss itself can impact the will to live. Knowledge of this factor results in the practice of group links. Even numbers of males and females is preferred, and it seldom results in mating groups of more than six. Groups are usually formed by pairs agreeing to link with other pairs. The weave is required to properly raise a child, and allows the male contact with the unborn. With their long lives, Ane can produce prodigious numbers of children, they don't tend to, but if it was desired the All can increase numbers rapidly.

Death when it comes in a natural manner is usually quiet, and without pain. Life partners will typically die within a day of each other, even if centuries separate their ages so strong is the link. Ane contend that the dead are not lost to them, but the greater All contains every Ane that lives, or has ever lived. Death is not feared, but seen as a natural end to a life that is full. Ane do not care for the dead body, as this is least part of the person. In a normal environment, the dead will be left where they fell to be handed by the elements. While the Ane take no notice of the scavengers that come to feed on the dead. They discourage large predators in the lion or hyena range as dangerous to the living. (El-Nanth has a species of six-legged mammal the size and general apperance of a fox that is the major scavanger, called a neo-fox by the Human settlers of glade. It is the largest terrestrial meat eater in the Rosette) In the case where an Ane dies in a technological environment, what ever manner the dead are disposed of is used. Cremation is preferred as plots need not be bought for dead meat. The one exception to this lack of care for the dead is if someone takes an Ane for the proposes of eating it. Ane react violently, very violently, and take the body back.

Psychology: Ane have a three lobed brain two thirds the size of the human brain, but with five times the folding. Mentation is at least the equal of any species measured, on an individual basis. The unusual nature of Ane psychology comes from the nature of this three lobed brain. The right and left lobes of the Ane brain perform functions normally associated with most sentient beings. The third, or High Lobe is different altogether. Currently accepted medical practice credits the high lobe with the psi-active functions of the Ane. Under experimental and empirical circumstances it has been noted that Ane do not panic. The High Lobe appears to hold some check over emotional response. The high lobe calmly observes everything even under the most extreme condition or distress. Ane have a full recall of events or of personal injury that Humans do not recall at all. A Human badly frightened or severely injured might remain awake, but not lucid. As long as the Ane is awake, they are lucid. Ane do not suffer from insanity with anywhere near the frequency of Humans. Their resistance to mentally traumatizing circumstances is remarkable. If has been noted however that once they do snap, they seldom recover. Death is the usual result.

Ane exhibit two major personality types; Typical or introverted, and Explorative or extroverted. Introverted types have received the least study and knowledge. They stay where they were born, and from outward appearances do nothing but eat, play, and breed. What mental activity might be going on has been impossible to study. The only thing to go on is what the Ane themselves will say. The Ane speak constantly of the All, the combined mental essence of the entire race and the memories of every Ane that has lived. They say that this All is all the mental stimulation that any Ane needs. The introverts are satisfied with that contact and activity. The Extroverts, a small total of the population at best, are not satisfied with needs, they have wants. They go out among other species, learn their ways and customs, acquire knowledge of professions they could never practice, and stick those cute black noses into everything they politely can. They are not afraid to admit ignorance, and are willing students of anything you will teach them. Extroverts are the users of the technology. As the industry of the Extroverts seems to serve the needs of the All, most resources go to support their wants.

Art and Culture: As a mental society Ane do not produce much art that can be enjoyed by other people. While a few have tried painting with brushes held in their mouth, it is not a common practice. The most notable Ane art is singing. Many unaware of the nature of the Ane vocal apparatus take Ane singing for instrumental music. While most Ane can carry a tune, the vocal quality and skill can and does vary as much as it does in any species. Ane possess their own body of work and eagerly sing the instrumental music of other cultures. Several vocal groups and individuals have become famous within the Federation and have their dedicated fan base.

The main aspect of Ane culture is The All, the massed networked minds of the telepathic species. Little is understood about the All outside of the Ane for the reason you have to be Ane to get into the All. If you are in the All, you are Ane, simple equation. Ane consider anyone telepathic enough to mesh with the All, and willing to do so Ane, regardless of the person's born species.

Religion: Ane do not regard themselves as religious. They have firm spiritual beliefs that no amount of missionary work (on the part of several religions of several races), logic, or reason has been able to shake. They have no priests or religious organizations.

Beliefs are as follows;

* The Ane are a designed and created species made by an entity called "Traveler" (no relation to the TNG Traveler). It is their created purpose to save the history and knowledge of the galaxy's cultures from ever being forgotten.

* That all Ane live on in the Greater All. Death is only a step from one existence to another. No proof of this has ever been offered, but those that have chosen life as an Ane say that it is so. That you can feel presences of the dead within the All.

* All sentient species, to their knowledge, have an immortal part. Non-physical races are simply those that have learned the power of that part, and accepted the loss of sensual living in favor of pure spiritual existence.

Government: The subject of Ane government is long debated in the halls of acidemia. The Ane do not practice a government as any culture that does practice government would describe it. There are no leaders, no laws save two, and they like it that way. The two laws are Be it harms none, do as you will. And There is no such thing as overreaction to threat. Ane put these laws into place mainly for interaction with other species.

Ane play government for the benefit of peoples that require it as a part of their culture. In those Ane controlled communities where other races live a government is hired by the Ane for the sole benefit of the others.

Ane are not unaware of their interests however. In a situation such as the Federation they fully participate in the Government that exists. They will speak their minds, truth not tact being a noted Ane political tool. They will lobby for their beliefs and interests. Some are tempted to think of the All, as Ane government, and the First Speaker as the Ane leader. Ane go along with this when convenient.

Technology: Ane do not produce technology. Historically they have not even laid claim to owning it. The All has decided that it is a time for change. In the last three centuries the Ane have sought, developed, and acquired such technology as is required to allow them greater access to the universe at large. For the first time in a two million year history they have starships of their own, with the means to maintain and build them.

The one truly Ane development is the RI or Real Intelligence computer. These sentient machines are an out growth of the first AI computer to land on the shores of El Nanth. Further development resulted in the Crystalmind computer. A fraction the size of any system available, and built to be sentient. These computers are activated with a kernel derived from the Ane brain. They are raised as children at the side of an Ane couple. They are Ane in every fashion. No figures have ever been released as to the number of computer Ane that exist. Ane have kept their computer citizens under loose wraps as the environment for sentient computers in the Federation at large has not been favorable. As more acceptance of such beings as the Android Data and the Exo-comp is witnessed the wraps are slowly coming off.

In association with the sentient computer system is the bio, or biomech. A biomech can be anything from a fully obvious machine of biological design, (arms, legs, etc.) built for labor or construction, to a fully fuctional prosthetic body that will fool medical scanners that is designed to house a sentient computer. Most bios fall into the in-between range. They are G2, non-sentient systems built to resemble furrys or anthomorphic animals that are designed to be hands for the Ane that owns them. All such bios are deliberately not of the shape of any known sentient species.

As the acceptance of even these obvious constructs has been rocky at best, the latest development is a 6 inch diameter ball that floats on anti-gravity. It is directly controled by the Ane. The device has minute tractor/pressor units that can perform delicate manipulation. As of yet current models cannot lift over 20 pounds, or be replicated due to the fineness of the circuits. The devices are as of yet rare.

Recent History: Ane are one of the Six founding races of the Federation. They came forward at the Signing of the Federation Charter sited a treaty no one had ever heard of, The Covenant of the Ansisi signed the charter as full members, and vanished back into the woodwork. This remained the case until the mission of the USS Ulysses S Grant in the 22nd century to investigate subspace signals from the El Nanth star system. The Ane announced that El Nanth, 74 light years from the Federation center, was their homeworlds. They have been in the thick of Federation politics since.

The Current Situation: Ane control three systems within the Federation. These are El Nanth, the Ane Homeworlds, Felicity, and Association. Ane also live on other worlds, notably Earth where a sizable colony has existed for twenty thousand years.

Ane are beginning to come out of a historical aloofness. In the past they observed, but seldom, if ever, participated in events. They are now active in the galaxy. The Horned Fleet of mixed ships serves Starfleet. These Ane designed and Ane manned vessels both patrol the Federation boarder in hot spots and push the outer edges of the known. There are currently 100+ ships of mixed design in service with the Horned Fleet. Ane owned companies service broad areas of the Federation. Aurora Mining is a large supplier of dilithium. Nanotech Information Systems (NIS) is the maker of the Crystalmind computers. Stoner Medical has made prosthetics and other medical equipment since the 22nd century. They are also the makers of the biomechs.

Ane are firmly entrenched in the core of the Federation. While not highly visible they are in every facet of society as active participants. They continue a tradition of support of the ideals and principles of the Federation.

The Above is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

Copyright Garry Stahl: 1997. All rights reserved, re-print only with permission.
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