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Aubrey, Jason
  • Aubrey, Jason
  • Rank: Captain
  • Current Assignment: U.S.S Intrepid
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Early childhood:

Jason Daniel Aubrey was born on Earth in the North American city of Seattle, Washington on April 25th, 1965. (Judo Christian Calendar)

In 1975, at the age of ten, Aubrey stumbled upon a surveillance station that had been set up in Earth's past. The station was put in place by Section 31, a rogue intelligence agency from Earth's future. Section 31 was attempting to track a group of travelers from the future that was trying to alter the normal flow of history. The young orphan accidentally tampered with the station's time portal, drawing the attention of two 31 operatives and agents of "Sol's Children", an extremist organization that fancied themselves the "saviors of Earth". It was known to 31 that Sol's Children had been utilizing illegal technology in their quest to change the past.

In the ensuing struggle between Sol's Children and 31, Aubrey was critically wounded. One of the two 31 agents that was involved in the battle, Agent Antonio Perez, decided to take Aubrey back to the 24th century, knowing that 20th century medicine could not save the boy. His partner objected vehemently, citing their strict orders not to pollute the time line. The two men began to struggle, eventually becoming engaged in mortal combat. Agent Perez was victorious, ruthlessly assassinating his partner. A witness to the murder, young Aubrey was deeply scarred by the incident.

After bringing the young boy forward in time, Agent Perez attempted to resign from 31 and start a new life, intending to raise Aubrey as his own son. But Section 31 was intent on apprehending Perez and returning Aubrey to the past. The two were pursued relentlessly for months, as Perez became a fugitive agent and a wanted man. He and Aubrey fled from star system to star system, disguising themselves, changing their appearances and using every bit of classified information, subterfuge and trickery at Perez's disposal in a vain attempt to outwit his cunning pursuers.

During this time, Perez noticed that Aubrey was not adjusting well to his new surroundings. The child began to withdraw more and more from reality, coping with his strange new life by imagining that it was all some kind of fantasy or wild dream. To spare the boy further trauma, Perez eventually decided to wipe Aubrey's memory of his early child hood and replace it with new memory engrams that made it seem Aubrey was born in the 24th century. The new memories showed Aubrey as having amnesia after surviving an explosion at an orphanage, while Perez was his adopted father who was trying to protect his son from the ruthless Orion Syndicate. Perez altered database records throughout the Federation to support his newly invented past.

Unfortunately, the altered databases created a trail that could be followed, and Perez's luck soon ran out. He was apprehended some seven months after fleeing and quickly committed suicide before he was forced to reveal Aubrey's location.

In a bitter twist of irony, Section 31 later learned that Aubrey was meant to leave the 20th century all along. By studying alternate timelines, the agency became aware that the boy was a "focal point" in time-----a rare individual who's life or death has a tremendous affect on the outcome of history. Their research of Aubrey concluded that, had he grown to adulthood in his own time, he would have brought about humanity's destruction in the mid 21st century. Consequently, it was decided to leave him within the 24th century, with the proviso that he be monitored carefully.

Aubrey eventually joined Starfleet as a young man; following in the footsteps of his newly adopted family.

The agency was uneasy about Aubrey's career choice given that Starfleet officers are trained to seek out the truth at all costs and to think independently. It was feared that exposure to such a life style might bring his true memories to the surface. If Aubrey were to use his Starfleet skills and experience to gain access to his own past, he might be tempted to resume life there. As a focal point in time, he could still bring about humanity's destruction---and 31 was sworn to prevent that at any cost.

For a time the agency's fears seemed over stated. For many years Aubrey's life proceeded normally, and his new memories held their integrity.

Then, disaster struck. During the height of the Dominion War, Perez's mental conditioning unraveled and the starship captain's memories surfaced with a passion.

With his true memories emerging, 31 felt that Aubrey posed too great a threat to the Federation. The decision was quickly made to eliminate him before he could take any action that might jeopardize humanity's future...

Early Starfleet Career:

Aubrey's first assignment after graduating Starfleet Academy was the U.S.S. Intrepid, under the command of Captain Julie Tenaia. (The very same ship that Aubrey would himself captain, years later.)

While serving as a transporter officer on the Intrepid, Ensign Aubrey experienced his first taste of combat. When the ship was attacked by Gul Parrag of the Obsidian order, Aubrey set a hand phaser to overload and beamed it directly into Parrag's warp core at the same moment the Cardassian was lowering shields to send over a boarding party. Parrag's ship was nearly destroyed by this action and his attempt to commandeer the Starfleet vessel was foiled. The Obsidian Order ostracized the Cardassian over the incident and he fled from Cardassian space for his life, swearing revenge on the Starfleet officer responsible for ending his career.

Although Aubrey saved the ship, he was reprimanded for taking matters into his own hands and not consulting his senior officers before taking action. He was also granted an accommodation for original thinking, and preserving the lives of his shipmates.

Several years later, Aubrey served as a lieutenant on the U.S.S. Baghdad. He had several disputes with his commanding officer, Captain Victor Cheng that nearly resulted in Aubrey resigning his commission.

While commanding the U.S.S. Guadalajara:

While still holding the rank of Commander, Aubrey was given mastery of the science vessel Guadalajara NCC-12633, where he first met Lieutenant Commander Shantok, a half Vulcan, and half Betazoid that he would request as his first officer on his next command.

Aubrey captained the Guadalajara for four years. During his tenure, he completed dozens of scientific data gathering missions, and participated in over five new contacts with various species. His most renowned achievement was mediating a territorial dispute between two warring races in the Naruul star cluster. He not only saved his ship, which was caught in the middle of the war, but also ended a bitter interstellar conflict that had raged for decades. For his performance during this crisis he was awarded the rank of Captain.

After leaving the Guadalajara, Aubrey spent three years serving at Starfleet Tactical Command on Earth, where he helped devise strategies against a possible Borg invasion.

Aubrey was at one time engaged but his fianc‚ was killed when the ship she served upon was intercepted and destroyed by the Klingons during the brief collapse of the Khitomer Accords.

While commanding the U.S.S. Intrepid:

After waiting almost a year for a new command, Aubrey was eventually assigned to the Intrepid, an Excelsior class ship that had recently been decommissioned and was only weeks away from being dismantled. The retired vessel was pulled out of mothballs to test experimental Starfleet technology. Since Intrepid was no longer in service, Aubrey's command of her at that time was considered honorary, an interim assignment while awaiting an active starship tour. His primary responsibility was to oversee the ship's performance during simulated missions, which included everything from routine exploration to combat scenarios.

As war erupted with the Dominion, the older vessel was put back into active service with a slight change to her registry number. Aubrey was given official command and his newly activated ship soon joined the Seventh Fleet---a task force of Starfleet vessels that became the first line of defense against the ensuing invasion by the Dominion. Intrepid was one of fourteen starships that survived a devastating battle against Dominion forces in the opening stages of the war. It is commonly accepted that had it not been for Aubrey taking command of the battered fleet and organizing a daring counter offensive, the loss of Starfleet ships would have been absolute. He is still often referred to as the "Hero of the Seventh Fleet".

Aubrey's service record before the Seventh Fleet Battle was effective, but not particularly noteworthy. Although a competent officer, his career contained little that set him apart in the eyes of his superiors. This perception changed rapidly as the Dominion War progressed. He soon began to shine as a skilled combat strategist, winning many engagements that would have seemed "no win scenarios" to other starship commanders.

As he beat the odds repeatedly, his notoriety began to grow. He participated in several major battles that were turning points in the conflict. In a well-publicized incident, Starfleet Command temporarily classified Aubrey's ship as a renegade vessel when he utilized the advanced technology of the Inth to help evacuate members of their race from a colony that was under Dominion control. Disobeying the direct orders of Admiral Jellico, Aubrey honored his agreement with the Inth, and refused to hand over their superior weapons to Starfleet Command, even though Inth technology would have allowed the Federation to win the war in a matter of weeks.

Hobbies and interests:

Aubrey's interests include long distance running, martial arts and painting.


Captain Aubrey looks upon all aspects of his vessel as an extension of himself. Subsequently, he has been known to utilize some unusual strategies while in battle. During the Dominion War he once fooled three Cardassian destroyers into believing that he was conducting a rescue operation on a Starfleet space station. In fact, he was beaming quantum warheads onto the abandoned structure, while generating phony bio signs and COMM traffic to make his "rescue" appear authentic. He then detonated the warheads after luring the destroyers within close proximity to the station, destroying one and disabling the other two.

During the first Seventh Fleet battle, Aubrey used his ship's computers to take command of the Galaxy class U.S.S. Empress that had been critically damaged. Using the larger ship to shield his own, Aubrey fired its weapons at approaching targets, buying extra time to rescue the handful of survivors that remained aboard. He then arranged for the Empress' warp core to explode as it collided with a Dominion battleship. This tactic allowed Intrepid and thirteen other ships to survive the onslaught.

Honors and awards:

Jason Aubrey has been decorated no less than four times for his actions during the Dominion conflict. Honors to date include the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, the Grankite Order of Heroism and he has received the Christopher Pike Award for Gallantry twice.

Temporal peculiarities:

Aubrey has the unwanted distinction of being one the few Starfleet captains to become entangled in more than one temporal incident during his career; most of which occurred during his command of the Intrepid. The most noteworthy occurrence was a mission that involved the Guardian of Forever, a sentient time portal on an ancient planet. The events surrounding this case have since been classified by Starfleet Command, but details suggest that whatever transpired may have led to the Borg's initial creation in the past. The evidence however, remains inconclusive.

U.S.S. Guadalajara, Oberth Class

U.S.S. Intrepid
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