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Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Arkcana, Thomas Dwayne
  • Rank: Captain (Special Operations)
  • Position and Station: Commanding Officer, USS Protostar
  • Year of Birth: 2333
  • Place Of Birth: San Jose, California, Earth
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Education: Graduate: Starfleet Academy (Alternate universe, 2357)
  • Tour of Duty: See below
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Interests: Arkcana is a big fan of 20th century bowling. He also has an extensive collection of late 20th century 'Country/Rock' music. His favorite types of holodeck programs are the 'Sunset Bowling Alley,' and a holo-novel written by William Riker called 'Moonshine.' Favorite foods include different types of pasta, such as Greek Macaroni bake and Fettichini, and a 20th century dish called 'pizza.' He enjoys drinking a special blend of coffee called 'Irish cream' and also a fruit drink called 'Tropicana twister.'

Thomas Dwayne Arkcana, the commanding officer of the Starship Protostar, was born in 2333 in an alternate universe. He was born to Janice Arkcana in San Jose, California. His father was, in fact, John Harriman, captain of the USS Enterprise-B. They all lived together, and Arckana grew up in a natural family environment, even though his parents never married. Harriman was killed when the Enterprise was destroyed in 2339.
In 2347, he visited a Klingon internment camp and was quite terrified by the experience. He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357 and immediately took to command. His first assignment was the USS Pegasus, which was destroyed three years later by escaped Klingon rebels. Later, Starfleet Command assigned him as the helmsman aboard the USS Hood. This gave him the chance to take command of a starship when the Hood's captain and first officer were killed on an away mission. This earned him the Federation Medal of Honor and a promotion to commander. The next year, he was transferred to the USS Protostar, serving as first officer. Admiral Orielis was the commanding officer, who took the ship on a critical relief mission to the Cardassian border. Orielis took a liking to Arkcana and, when the mission was over, decided to put him in command of the USS Aladinia, a Constellation-class starship assigned to the Romulan border.
It was here that Arkcana and his first officer Lieutenant Commander Paxton met up with an underground group called the Iluminati. They were a group of rebels dedicated to the freedom of the Klingon people. They believed that the Federation was out of control, willing to conquer every race in the galaxy. Arkcana and Paxton were sympathizers and worked out a way not only to join but also to help out the Iluminati.
Arkcana was promoted to captain in 2364 and took command of the USS Protostar in 2366. Paxton was also promoted to captain that year and took command of the USS Aries. The plan was for an Iluminati ship to send out a distress call at the Romulan border, and then the chief engineer would make it look like the Protostar suffered a major warp core failure, and all the Starfleet personnel would evacuate.
Unfortunately, the engineer was discovered, and a sudden warp core accident sent the Protostar into an alternate universe. In that alternate universe (the 'proper' Star Trek universe), the Protostar crew picked up a signal from the Battle of Wolf 359. When the crew went to investigate, they discovered 40 Starfleet vessels being attacked by a Borg cube.
Assuming that the Borg technology that his own Federation had stolen from the Borg might work in this universe, he ordered the Protostar to join the battle. Contrary to belief of the captain, the Protostar was severely damaged, and the crew was forced to abandon ship. Through these actions, he and his crew found themselves stuck in the universe 'proper'. Admiral Jameson of Starfleet Special Operations took an interest in Arkcana when the latter tried to re-apply to the Academy. After talking it over with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Starfleet Headquarters, Starfleet Command decided to grant Arkcana a field commission of Captain and assigned him to the Special Operations division. As a member of Special Operations, he spent several years partaking in top secret missions, covert operations, and starship development. When Arkcana arrived to Starbase 324 in 2370, a team of developers had already completed the Defiant-class starship. He was most interested in the tactical systems, and when the Defiant was ordered to Deep Space Nine, Arkcana helped the Tac-Design group develop a more stable structural integrity field (SIF) for the ship. This is where he met Commander Orielis, who, along with his mother, had developed many of the systems on the ship. After the Defiant was released, Arkcana and Orielis submitted the specifications for the Independence-class starship. Construction was finished only a year later, and Captain Arkcana took command of the starship. Orielis took the first officer position.
Aboard the ship, Arkcana met William Farrigut, an ill-tempered Bajoran who showed great piloting skills. Arkcana immediately assigned him to helm control. Before leaving on the Independence, Arkcana received a permission for transfer order from Doctor Megan Calloway. Still heartbroken after losing his Megan Calloway (Alternate), he turned her transfer down and left her aboard Starbase 324. In 2373, the Borg returned to Federation space for another invasion. The Independence was the closest ship but was ordered away by Admiral Hayes; however, Arkcana broke the order and attacked the Borg cube. The captain was court-martialed and placed out of active service for his actions. So Arkcana began thinking of how to get home, and he ended up on Deep Space Nine.
Later, the Protostar was commissioned under the command of Captain Joseph Hammond. In a mission to recover the missing crew members of Arkcana's ship, Hammond was killed, and Arkcana took command of the Protostar in Hammond's place.
This event also led to the opening of the second stable wormhole ever known to exist, a wormhole that led to the Delta Quadrant. The Protostar was assigned to guard it while a space station was constructed to regulate the wormhole. In 2374, the crew of the Protostar were captured and assimilated by the Borg. The ship was destroyed. A race of beings who created the Borg saved Arkcana from the Borg. Arkcana was able to save the crew, and, with the help of the crew of the USS Renegade, he was able to stop the Borg invasion. In the midst of the battle, a Starfleet Special Operations Depot was attacked and boarded. Ensign Myla Bito survived the attack. When Arkcana reached the station with his backup crew, they discovered that Starfleet had been working on an experimental Sovereign-class starship based on Jem'Hadar technology. The crew used the experimental ship to attack the Borg, and they succeeded. When Starfleet got wind that Special Operations was keeping a state-of-the-art Sovereign-class starship in storage, they assigned Arkcana to the ship in order to put it into immediate service. Since the ship bore no name, Arkcana named it the Protostar.
Thomas Arkcana is considered one of the foremost experts on dealing with the Bajorans, the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Breen. He can speak Romulan quite fluently and knows some Klingon.
Resource By:Michael Wright
Posted: 2005.04.29
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