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The Adventures of Argus
Lex, Jonozia
  • Rank: Captain
  • Position and Station: Commanding Officer, USS Argus
  • Date of Birth: 2344
  • Place Of Birth: Trill homeworld
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Half-Human, half-Trill (joined)
  • Education: Graduated: Starfleet Academy in 2366
  • Tour of Duty: See below
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Interests:

Born in 2344 on the Trill homeworld to a Human father and a joined Trill mother, Jonozia was one of the first Trill hybrids to be joined with a symbiont. Jonozia is Lex's sixth host (also see Lex [symbiont]).
Jonozia entered the initiate program at the age of fifteen (another milestone since most hosts are accepted in their mid-twenties) when the Trill Symbiosis Commission attempted to block his application due to his mixed heritage; however, Jonozia fought the decision and, due to his determination, was allowed to enter the program. Despite several attempts to deter him from his pursuit to be joined, he passed the strict selection process with flying colors and was given the privilege to be joined. Due to be joined to Ghan (symbiont) in 2362, Jonozia found out that he could not be joined before the age of 21 without rejecting the symbiont. With this information in mind, Jonozia entered Starfleet Academy in the same year.
While at the Academy, Jonozia met and fell in love with Sara Parker, who later proved to be the love of his life. Jonozia graduated from the Academy in 2366 and was assigned to the USS Majestic. This made him somewhat anxious since Parker had been assigned to the USS Lakota. Jonozia served aboard the Majestic until early 2367 when he was joined to Lex (symbiont).
Reassigned to the USS London under the command of Capatin Toran, Jonozia Lex and Sara Parker were reunited, and the duo married in 2369.
By 2370, Lex had been promoted to the position of second officer when Toran and the majority of the London crew were assigned to the USS Sovereign.
When Starfleet Command commissioned the USS Argus three years later, Command requested that Captain Toran suggest a suitable officer to be the Argus's first captain. The Vulcan captain suggested Lex over his own first officer, believing that Lex had the suitable characteristics that would make an excellent commanding officer. Lex, now promoted to the rank of Captain, took command of the USS Argus on Stardate 50445.2.
Resource By:Alex Thompson
Posted: 2003.02.20
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