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Borg queen
  • Affiliation: Borg
  • Position: "Leader"
  • First Seen: Star Trek: First Contact
  • Portrayed by: Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact), Susanna Thompson ("Dark Frontier" [VGR])

The purposes of the Borg queen are to organize the many voices in the Borg collective and to work as the central hub of those voices and minds.
In 2366, the Borg attempted their first invasion of Federation space, and the queen, aboard the invading Borg cube, ordered that Jean-Luc Picard, commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-D, be kidnapped. The Borg queen intended Picard to not only help close the gap between the collectiveness of the Borg and the individuality of humanity but also serve as an equal of the queen; however, her plans were dashed when Picard refused and his crew rescued him ("Best of Both Worlds, Parts One and Two" [TNG], Star Trek: First Contact).
The Borg queen accompanied the Borg cube invading Federation space again in 2373 and managed to escape the destruction of the cube through a Borg sphere. The sphere traveled back in time, and the USS Enterprise-E followed it back. Prior to the sphere's destruction, the Borg queen and drones escaped to the Enterprise, where the queen captured Lieutenant Commander Data and attempted to make him human, and, in turn, gain the access codes to the Enterprise. Data killed the queen and her drones by smashing the plasma coolant in Engineering, which liquefied the queen's and the drones' organic components, killing them (Star Trek: First Contact).
The Borg queen claimed to attempt to gain more insight into humanity by supposedly placing Seven of Nine into a human environment aboard the USS Voyager in 2374. The queen gained Seven of Nine back briefly when she forced the former drone to pick between the Voyager crew's assimilation or her own freedom, and Seven decided on the latter. The queen tried to make Seven of Nine willingly rejoin the collective, but Kathryn Janeway and her crew rescued Seven of Nine before the queen could do so ("Dark Frontier" [VOY]).

The Borg Collective
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