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TrekWars (TWS)
Beyond the scope of traditional Star Wars or Star Trek lies the realm of The Furry Conflict, the story of an untimely meeting of two galaxies and the new world born out of their fiery encounter. This tale of adventure, rebellion, wonder and destiny brings together two civilizations once separated by eons of time and lightyears of space. Alliances will be broken, wars fought and idealisms tested as the looming specter of evil rises. With a cast of original characters, altered histories and a few mind-bending surprises, The Furry Conflict stands not only as a story of Star Trek meeting Star Wars, but also as an epic in its own right. The first installment of the series, "To Pierce the Sky," chronicles the consequences of the earliest encounter between the Galactic Empire and the United Federation of Planets; the result of a pair of accidents too closely synchronized to have occurred by mere happenstance . . .
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Julius Harper
Chapter 35 - To Pierce the Sky: Book 1 of TrekWars: The Furry Conflict
The forces of the Galactic Empire finally track their rebel quarry to the far reaches of the Unknown Regions, to the distant and unknown world of Daktia. With cruel calculation and expertise, Fleet Admiral Sher Khal'Saad lays the plans for the rebel's destruction as the insurgent fleet readies for battle. Will Captain Xavier and his Jedi companion survive the imminent assault? Only time will tell...
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Julius Harper
Chapter 34 - To Pierce the Sky: Book 1 of TrekWars: The Furry Conflict
The arrival of a mysterious Imperial probe droid in a bog on Daktia alerts our heroes that danger is afoot, and it's getting closer by the hour. Meanwhile, onboard the starship FELIX, a new day begins and the crew sets about their normal duties. But soon questions start to arise about a glitch in the ship's sensor system, and suspicions start forming about the possible cause and reason behind them.
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