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Through the Valley (TTV)
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Ann Carise, Crystyl CloudStar Trek fan fiction
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Crystyl Cloud
Through the Valley
ST:TTV102 | "Lost"
Mischa huffed and blew a stray strand of usually well kept hair from her face as she watched the hatch seal on the last of the escape pods. Regardless of all the command training she had undergone, the young woman had never aspired to starship command for want of avoiding days such as this.
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Ann Carise, Crystyl Cloud
Through the Valley
ST:TTV101 | "Denouement"
For the past several months, a number of mysterious attacks have been reported in the Kelterre and Doza Sectors. Ships from various factions, including Echomet and Annatar, have been destroyed by mysterious attackers. In each case, by the time rescuers arrive there's no sign of the attackers and no surviving victims. Investigations into the wreckage have yielded very little, except that the destruction is consistently caused by a characteristic high-powered energy weapon, indicating an aggressor with a level of technology at least equal to that possessed by the Federation. Some of the more paranoid news reports have suggested that the mystery attacker could even be a rogue Starfleet ship.
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Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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