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Paradigm Shift (PS)
A small science vessel, the USS Condor and its crew are often asked to run experiments and test new experimental Starfleet technology. However, orchestrated by a select few operating deep inside Starfleet, the ship and crew are themselves experiments.
It's called the Communing Chip. A select group of crewmembers have the special technology implanted inside their brain. The implant, developed by the ship's doctor, in concert with unknown individuals within Starfleet, allows a crewman to control key ship systems using their thoughts alone. Anyone implanted with the circuit is forever stuck with it. It cannot be removed without causing death. The bond between man and machine is so strong, a crewman so implanted eventually becomes psychically linked with the ship. Therefore, any prolonged absence from the ship could also cause death.
All Starfleet needed was an unwitting pawn to Captain the ship. They found their man in Philip Reming, a underachieving cadet. Thrust into the middle, he struggles to understand his situation, captain a ship, and hope he too doesn't fall prey to the good doctor's experiments.
These are the voyages of the starship Condor. Lead by a young and confused captain, aided by a capable commander and manipulated by a mysterious medical officer - it is the Condor's ongoing mission is to meander across the universe and do as little damage as possible.
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Christopher Filippone, Michael SweeneyStar Trek fan fiction
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Christopher Filippone
Paradigm Shift
Its an Awful Life
Episode Ten - During the moments after the Condor crossed into the Delta Quadrant - just before Borg Like Me part deux - a depressed Captain Phillip Reming is visited by none other than Q. It is Q's intention is to show Reming how different life on board would be if he had never been the Captain.
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Christopher Filippone, Dave Hayward
Paradigm Shift
Baby You Can Fly My Shuttle
Epsiode Eleven - When a scouting mission that becomes a road trip becomes a bad trip, the crew of the USS Condor need to keep an open mind and a sense of humor.
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Michael Sweeney
Paradigm Shift
Borg Like Me, part deux, part two
Episode Thirteen - Deep in the Delta Quadrant the Condor crew find an exploded Borg cube. With help from The Resistance they take action to find their missing crew in Borg space! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why it took 10 years to write 44 pages. Second half of Story One of Three in the Delta Story Arc
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