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Cleve Johnson
USS Providence
Our Sacred Honor
Part 2 of the Star Trek Unity Crossover from the perspective of the starship PROVIDENCE. The Vendoth fleet has arrived to enslave the Federation. The USS PROVIDENCE leads a small task force to aid in the defense of Earth. Can Starfleet prevail against overwhelming odds.
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Cleve Johnson
USS Providence
The crew searches for more survivors from the USS Kennedy and encounter a potentially hostile race. In the midst of their mission, Captain Stuart discovers how much he loves Doctor Edwards, but wonders how a relationship can work between himself and one of his senior officers.
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Cleve Johnson
USS Providence
The new Ericsson-class USS Providence returns to the Beta Quadrant and discovers a derelict starship reported lost over sixty years before. The crew is surprised to find someone still alive on the historic ship. Meanwhile, Doctor Edwards has a secret admirer.
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