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Bodie Ashton
I'm a teen fan of Star Trek, and I very much enjoy writing. I've been bouncing ideas around for a while to do my own Star Trek series of short stories, but until now, I haven't been able to get a publisher... I devised the premise for Star Trek: Mariner as a response to an observation from one of my good friends, who noted that the captains in Star Trek seem to be, on the whole, perfect. While I don't necessarily agree with this, I did take it upon myself to create a captain who had a flawed character; this resulted in Simon Anthony. I'm always welcoming any critiques on my writing. e-mails can be directed to MARINER'S NOW IN HER SECOND SEASON! I HOPE EVERYONE'S ENJOYING THE SERIES!
Bodie Ashton
Sweet Sorrow
Captain Simon Anthony goes where no man has gone before when USS Mariner responds to a distress call...
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Bodie Ashton
Once More Unto the Breach
Captain Simon Anthony's first mission as captain of the new Sovereign-class USS Mariner threatens to break him, as he is sent to investigate the destruction of a Federation penal colony and starship...
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