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Dave Dugan
The Next Generation
The Search for Spock's Brain
Spock's brain is missing! Again! Where could it be? Who would want it? Is someone using it to run a whole civilization or are they just using it to make alien junk food?
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Jon Dragonswan
The Reboot Series
Ammerra, Deep Space One
Set in the Reboot Universe, the story of the first of the Deep Space outposts, Deep Space One. Captain Robert Snow is set to retire after the longest career in Star Fleet History, his Relief is on the way. But fate has other plans.
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Jaime Vinha
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Nautilus, Episode 4 - Assembled
In this fourth episode the crew prepares for the maiden voyage of the USS Nautilus
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Vincent Chia
The Next Generation
A Second Life
An alternate ending to the TNG episode 'Tapestry', exploring how Jean Luc Picard might have live life differently.
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Andy Spiegel
The Next Generation
Generation Gab
Turning 50 and facing an enemy greater than he has ever known in space -- a debilitating midlife crisis -- Captain Jean-Luc Picard puts himself through some intense therapy in the holodek. You'll never guess who his therapist is.
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Christopher Filippone
Paradigm Shift
Meandering Corridors of Time
Episode Four - A strange alien ship contacts the Condor. A seemingly benign alien, named Utbut, wishes to visit the Condor and speak to her Captain. What is Utbut's true agenda and why does his ship bear the name Reming?
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Jarret S. Ronning
Under the Microscope
Follow Captain Danielle Rees and the crew of the USS Columbia.
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Todd Kelley
Axis Power, Part 3
( EPISODE 7 ) The human resistence crushed... The Starship Helix destroyed... Team Helix dead... In the alternate reality, the human resistence's final assault on the Borg is a success, but at a grave cost. Now, with both side crippled, the fate of the universe rests in the hands of Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis. But to accomplish the mission, Dimitri has to Forge an uneasy alliance with Team Helix's soul survivor Kyle K'Nar, and the Sinister Borg Queen. There last hope is to figure out a way to restore the timeline, but AXIS has other plans for our heroes...
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Jarret S. Ronning
Slow Convoy 17
The routine of convoy duty is disrupted by a Dominion attack, how will the crew of the USS Columbia react under pressure?
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David Highlender
Special Ops
Horseman on the Rise
Captain Shawn Gorman has been accused of Treason and the USS Defiant has been sent to capture or kill the crew of the USS Shadow Horseman!
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