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Parker Gabriel
USS Sovereign
The Dragon Is Dead--Long Live The Dragon!
When last Christopher Thomas Robinson saw Duke Commander FrioDraca, the Andorian Chief Security And Tactical Officer had had the first of two funeral services for him held aboard the U.S.S. Sovereign. But recently, the Intelligence Officer has had nightmares which lead him to believe that Frio may not really be dead. Will he have to ruin his own career to find out?
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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.21 - Fair Haven 2
When Sullivan tries to hit on both Morgan and Jessie, Tom decides to put his holo programming skills to the ultimate test.
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Christena MacDonald
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek:New Era, Chapters 3&4
Dezra is assigned to a new ship for a special mission.
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Richard Merk
Banshee Squadron 2.0
The Black Gate
While on a routine survey mission, the Banshees are pulled into a mysterious black vortex and hurled across the universe to a forgotten planet orbiting a dead sun in a lightless void. Now lost amid the crumbling wreckage of a long-dead civilization and beset on all sides by murderous natives and terrifying creatures, they must solve the mystery of the ages in order to escape with their lives!
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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.22 - Too Q
Six infants suddenly appear on board ship, the six woman who find them are quickly discovered to be their mums to their confusion and or horror.
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Star Trek fan fiction at Trek Writer's Guild
Richard Merk
Banshee Squadron 2.0
The Temporal Cold War heats up and the Banshees are pulled into the conflagration. Now they must fight to save their future and that of all of Humanity!
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Sarah W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.23 - Fear
An aggressive group of aliens force their way on board ship.
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