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Ben Failer
Guardians of the Federation
Star Trek: Guardians of the Federation - Episode 11: Ambassador
The Enterprise-B returns to Earth to flush out a Romulan spy. The bait: Plans to a top-secret prototype starship!
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Ben Failer
Guardians of the Federation
Star Trek: Guardians of the Federation - Episode 10 - Plague
The Romulans release a deadly bio-weapon on a Federation colony.
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Chris Adair
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Black Cluster
Having survived the Dominion War, The surviving crew of the Noble prepare to go out again into the void in hopes of helping in the reconstruction of the Federation onboard the Devonport.
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Jami Dustman
The Next Generation
Star Trek: A New Mission -- Full Circle
First episode of a new series
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Chad Sharpe
Star Trek: Aegis 2.0: Oumriel
Following the events of 'The Valley of Peace', Starship Aegis Chief Engineer reunites with old flame Geordi LaForge of the Enterprise-E to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his sister in the desolate expanse of space known as the Barrens.
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Star Trek fan fiction at Trek Writer's Guild
Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.14 - Timeline
Voyager encounters a disconnected Borg ship from the future.
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Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.13 - Demon2
The USS Erona encounter the Voyager clones from Demon who appear to be hiding something.
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Marill W
Fifth Voyager
FV1.12 - Holo Q
Q returns to warn the crew about a ruthless ex-Q who wants revenge on anything named Voyager.
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Juillet Frascara
Star Trek
04 Second Star
Star of life battles .
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Dave Dugan
Deep Space Nine
Charmed Quark
Quark tries to own the entire Universe. Of course, he has a little help.
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