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Phil Wilson
106 - Dead Space
The Discovery finally arrives at Dead Space after weeks of obsession on the part of Captain Lancaster. But as the crew of the Discovery attempt to unlock the secret of the U.S.S. Invincible, they are pulled into Dead Space in much the same fashion as the Invincible, 150 years earlier. They must try to break free of the propulsion debilitating forcefield as the entire crew collapse into comas.
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EC Drapela
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Anchor's Away
In the year 2288, the new crew of the USS Hornet set out on their shakedown cruise, when they recieve a distress call from a Federation ship. However, not is all that it seems...
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B.J. Burton
The Next Generation
Dimensions 2 - Romulus - Part 5
The Federation team rescues Ambassador Spock. Deanna prods Sela to discover her weaknesses and rescues Kahless, the Klingon Spiritual leader sealing her own destiny.
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Dominick Carlucci
Mistaken Identity
Have you ever wondered what really happens to those “alternate” timelines when things are finally put right? Trip did...and Phlox found out... A Valentine’s Day salute to Enterprise’s past and future, a host of surprises, and an encounter with the event that truly began the Star Trek journey...
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-- Vedek Yassim,

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