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Phil Wilson
101/102 - Beyond the Unknown
It all starts off as a relatively simplistic mission for the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery: take aboard the rest of her crew at Starbase 246 and then head out into the great mass of unexplored space past the distant Federation space station. However the mission soon turns from simplistic to very dangerous, as they receive a distress call from a Starfleet vessel, in unexplored space, conducting a highly secretive warp experiment.
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Galen Holcomb
Pre Emptive Maneuvers Part 4
The Dominion tightens its stranglehold on Federation space, forcing Aubrey and Hiroko into an uneasy alliance. Dr. Kella makes a troubling discovery. Starfleet Command holds an emergency session to discuss the chaotic events taking place throughout the quadrant.
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Joseph Manno
USS Liberty
Old Wounds
Of all the hats Commander Sera MacLeod has worn, that of mediator is least welcome, but perhaps most neededóas new executive officer T'Laris makes clear that neither conformity nor ... ahem ... uniformity is high on her list of priorities. Meanwhile, Brett King's remain unchangedówith the same degree of success.
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Peter Gao
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The Chronicles of the Vanguard I - The Wrath of Keyser
The crew of the Vanguard is called to protect a secret cargo when the Federation's most wanted criminal, Keyser Soze, tries to lay his hands on it.
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