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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Moments of Transition
A transporter malfunction leaves Alan Christopher and Justin Reinbold stranded on a barren alien world--and the Starlight with two xenon-based life forms that are nearly impossible to communicate with. Meanwhile, Matthew Harrison is given command of the Columbia--but as he moves forward with his career, Harrison stumbles upon a dangerous nemesis from the past...
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Uprising - Parts 3, 4, and 5
Three starships *lost* in the battle for Betazed have reappeared, only they've also become pirate vessels. It swiftly becomes a case stretching from the Orion Syndicate to Cardassia Prime.
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Andrew Duncan
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
The U.S.S. Genesis is sent on it's first mission, to salvage the U.S.S. United. But little do they know there is someone waiting for them...
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Bodie Ashton
Crime And Punishment
Taking leave on Deep Space Nine after the explosive confrontation with Admiral Courtenay, Lon Tanier wakes up to discover he is charged with the rape and murder of Lieutenant Alexandra Lane. Now, it's up to Captain Anthony and Lieutenant Tanier to find the truth, before Starfleet Security Commander Krogstad punishes Tanier for his crime...
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
The Storm, part I
In the landmark 100th episode... On the eve of an historic conquest, the Velora suffer a terrible setback when their colony on Azel IV is destroyed. While responding to the catastrophe, the Starlight's crew discover in the debris a new enemy that threatens both the Federation and the Velora--but locked in mortal combat with this new nemesis, the Starlight might not last long enough to share its findings...
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Michael Gray
Dark Horizon
These Wounds
Some people allow their pain to imprison them in a life of fear. Others let their pain fuel a rage which can never be satisfied. But a few learn from their pain, giving them an opportunity to become more than they ever believed possible.
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