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Elizabeth Loperena
The Next Generation
To Dance For Plavius - Part 3
(Part 3 of 4) Jerrod Cripsin's monstrous plot is revealed and sets several events in motion bringing the crew of the Enterprise head-to-head with the Romulans. As a result, both Picard and Russell turn up missing.
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Bodie Ashton
Earth Station
An extended stay for repairs at Earth Station McKinlay promises an uneventful opportunity for rest for the crew of the Mariner. But a murder, an impossible killer, and a Borg transwarp conduit conspire against Jakob Ramelow and the skeleton crew having a relaxing visit to Earth.
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Chris Adamek
The Final Frontier
Twenty-Four Hours
The Starlight's crew has been witness to history, winning many great battles and unlocking some of the most incredible mysteries of space. But when the fate of the universe is not in doubt, life aboard the Starlight is often something far simpler...
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Odyssey - Part 7 - Flight
(Part 7 of 8) With the intelligence from the Gulag, Captian Macen races to Earth. However forces bent on destruction work to keep him from delivering his message.
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Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1
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-- Vedek Yassim,

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