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Joseph Manno
USS Liberty
Off the Beaten Path
As she closes one door behind her, another opens for former Cadet Jean Hajar... and the troubled young woman sets out to make a life for herself away from her shattered Starfleet dream. Not everyone, though, shares Jean's hopeful vision of her future. Rated NC-17 for violence and graphic sexuality.
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Chris Angelucci, Karl Cole, Crystal Kocher, Chris Kocher
USS Starfire
USS Starfire: Walking the Line
Theta Pectoris III: A colony world separated from the Federation during the Dominion War. The Starfire's mission: Tackle an outbreak of Rigelian fever. But when they arrive, Captain Gideon and his crew find that colony leaders neglected to mention one thing - the Romulans are now in charge.
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Phillip Barlow
Tales of Starfleet
Angels and Lionesses - Part 6
While the angels obtain a significant lead, they find themselves in danger of capture. Meanwhile, Mr Big sets out to gain the final piece he needs to set his plans in motion...
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Karl Cole, Crystal Kocher
USS Starfire
USS Starfire: This Time Tomorrow
Displaced more than sixty years into the future, crew members from the USS Lexington must now face the reality of their situation. Their ship is lost, their friends and family are mostly dead, and Starfleet is a stranger to them, bruised and hardened by years of hardship and war.
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Chris Angelucci, Thomas Evans, Crystal Kocher, Chris Kocher
USS Starfire
USS Starfire: Beacon in the Night (part 2)
PILOT EPISODE: As the Starfire crew tries to stop a supernova, the answer to their questions may lie with a disembodied scientist and a shadowy intelligence agent hiding onboard the ship. And somewhere, in a nearby dimension, aliens of light are poised to invade.
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Peter Wildash
Outer Zone
Finally, the K'Tani agent reveals themselves, with dire consequences.
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Travis Anderson
Special Investigations Division
Odyssey - Part 1 - Drydock
(Part 1 of 8) As the Dominion War closes, the Federation faces its greatest foe: its own fears. It has been learned that Federation citizens have been exiled to Romulan space by Section 31. Admiral Alynna Nechayev dispatches an unlikely crew of investigators to liberate the prisoners. What she doesn't know is that Admiral Edward Jellico has been manipulated into dispatching the USS Enterprise on an intercept mission.
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Walter George
The Next Generation
Who Knows Where Madness Lies?
Part 2 of 2 -- The crew of 1701-D race against time in a battle of wits with the renegade Moriarty hologram. If time runs out and/or Moriarty wins the wit war, Picard will become a permanent resident of the holodeck.
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Star Trek: The Excalibur Epics [ MMCD ]
Evil Must Be Opposed.
-- Vedek Yassim,

(DS9: Rocks and Shoals)
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